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What is sandy soil?

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How is sandy soil made?

soil is sandy you cant make sandy soil

What is the definition of clay soil and sandy soil?

a type of soil that is very sandy

Does sandy soil or clay soil have bigger pore spaces?

Sandy soil.

What can be grown in sandy soil?

A cactus can be grown in sandy soil.

What does sandy soil do?

Sandy soil drains well, but is lacking nutrients.

Is there sandy soil in the desert?

Yes there is sandy soil in many deserts.

Does water flow more quickly through sandy soil or clay soil?

sandy soil

Does plant grow better in potting soil or sandy soil?

Plants grow better in sandy soil.

PH of sandy soil?

The pH of sandy soil is high, so it is alkaline.

What is soil for in Australia?

sandy soil

Why is sandy soil better than clay soil for under cement slabs?

sandy soil drains water

Is sandy soil found in deserts?

Yes. Because the sandy soil is from the biggest sandy ocean that float in the sea ♥

Where sandy soil is found?

Sandy soil can be found in Australia. Hope this answer is usefull! By: Roxy!

Sandy soil is dry in comparison to clay due to what?

Sandy soil is dry in comparison to clay due to lack of moisture and consistency. Sandy soil is just not wet.

What gets more eroded clay soil or sandy soil?

Sandy soil because there is nothing to stop it from being moved.

What are the types of soil?

Clay soil, Sandy soil, Loam soil.

What are type of soil?

they clay soil,sandy soil and clay soil.

Which soil has the greatest permeabiltiby?

Sandy soil.

Which soil will allow more water sandy soil or clayey soil why?

sandy soil will allow more water because it is more porous than the clayey soil.

Will celosia or cockscomb grow in sandy soil?

Celosia grows well in sandy-loam soil.

Is clayey or sandy soil more susceptible to erosion?

Sandy soil is more susceptible to erosion.

Where can you buy sandy soil and clay soil?

There are several places one can buy sandy and clay soil. Local greenhouses or landscaping businesses will have the soil.

How are clay soil and sandy soil alike?

there both soil

What is the soil like in the Gulf Slope region of Mexico?


Why is sandy soil more ideal to put under a cement slab than clay soil?

sandy soil drains water