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What is spotting between periods?

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Break through bleeding/spotting. It is caused by Birth Control pills, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance etc

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What does spotting between periods mean?

When spotting occurs between menstrual periods, there can be many causes. Spotting can occur due to hormonal changes, birth control, or implantation bleeding of pregnancy.

Can malnutrition cause spotting between periods even if you are on birth control?

Being on the pill can cause spotting between periods, called breakthrough bleeding.

Is spotting normal at any other time besides pregnancy?

Yes. Spotting can happen between periods for several reasons. Birth control pills, ovulation,vaginal dryness or infection and stress can all be contributing factors toward spotting between periods.

Why would you spot between periods if a pregnancy test was negative?

A hormonal imbalance is a possible reason for spotting between periods & so is irregular periods. See your doctor for a examination.

What is brown spotting in between periods?

dry or dead blood it is nothing to worry about it is actually common

Why am I spotting between periods?

Ovulation spotting can sometimes occur midway through your cycle, infections can cause spotting, and implantation bleeding. Also i have had this and i believe it was because my hormones were so messed up.

What makes you Bleed between periods while on the pill?

If you miss a pill, it is common to have more irregular spotting. Spotting is also common while taking the pill in between periods. If it gets too heavy or irregular or you are still concerned, you should take to your doctor about it.

Why do women spot between periods?

The common cause for women spotting between periods is a hormonal imbalance. However, it could have to do with weight issues, diet issues, and fatigue as well.

What does it mean when you spot in between periods?

Spotting in between periods is not supposed to happen but it is not all that abnormal either. It is usually down to a fluctuation of hormones and doesn't bear any significance or meaning.

How would you diagnose light bright red spotting between your December and January periods?

Some women may experience light spotting and dull cramps during ovulation, 14-16 days before your next period. This is perfectly normal. If you are on birth control then spotting between periods is also quite common. If the bleeding changes from light spotting to heavy bleeding mid cycle you need to see an OB/GYN.

Can you bleed while your not in your period?

yes, if you have just started your period. Its called spotting and is likely to happen in between periods.

What is the brown discharge you are having between periods?

Brown discharge is actually old blood. Some woman, especially those with irregular cycles, will experience spotting between periods. Brownish-Pinkish discharge between periods could also be a sign of ovulation or implantation.

Stomach pain and bleeding?

Depending on how old you are and how much you are bleeding, it could be spotting in between periods, or spotting before you ever get your period. Chances are though, you are getting your period. Take care.

How do you stop spotting between periods?

It depends on why you are spotting between periods. If you're in your teens hormonal imbalance is the most likely culprit, in fact at any age hormonal imbalance is the likely problem - you should talk to your doctor about investigating the cause and look into treatment options. Sometimes spotting can be a result of an STI so if you are sexually active make sure you're up to date with screenings.

Why would you bleed and severe cramp in between periods?

It depends how heavy the bleeding is, but I would say it is probably caused by ovulation (releasing an egg) Many women get cramps and spotting during ovulation and it occurs between periods

Does increasing stress stop puberty?

Not fully but it can cause missed/late periods. it can make your hormones go crazy like can cause spotting between periods and causes a breakout of spots.

What would cause brown spotting 3 weeks after your period?

Pregnancy can cause this spotting or irregular periods or a UTI.

What would cause menstrual bleeding for a 42yr old women in between periods?

If the bleeding is between periods then obviously it can't be menstrual bleeding - menstruation is your period. If you're seeing mid-cycle spotting the most likely cause is hormonal imbalance causing mid-cycle spotting with hormonal shifts around ovulation. This may be the onset of early menopause.

Could you be pregnant if you have experienced 'spotting' between periods?

It's called spotting, and you're probably not pregnant but you should consult a physician if you think you are. Using protection guards against unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted disease, both of which can change your life forever.

What does spotting 11 days before your period is due mean you never have spotting between periods?

spotting is less than one pad of blood lasting 1-2 hours. If it lasted two days, it might have been an early period. good luck Joymaker RN

If you have light spotting between your periods and you are 51 is this just a sign of aging?

==anwer== Your hormones are probably changing and your body could be beginning menopause which can make your periods very irregular until they stop all together.

You had a normal period last month this month you had spotting Should you take a pregnancy test?

If you are on birth control then that is normal because it is a side effect. Bleeding between periods can be pregnancy BUT its depends on the person. There are many other reasons why you can be spotting.

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