Periods while Pregnant
Spotting While Pregnant

Why would you spot between periods?


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One possibility would be that you could possibly be pregnant. you might want to get a home pregnancy test to be on the safe side.


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A hormonal imbalance is a possible reason for spotting between periods & so is irregular periods. See your doctor for a examination.

is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear? is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear? is it normal to spot for almost a week before periods appear?

The common cause for women spotting between periods is a hormonal imbalance. However, it could have to do with weight issues, diet issues, and fatigue as well.

Spotting in between periods is not supposed to happen but it is not all that abnormal either. It is usually down to a fluctuation of hormones and doesn't bear any significance or meaning.

Check to make sure you got your tampon out. Believe it or not, this happens to alot of women.

It depends how heavy the bleeding is, but I would say it is probably caused by ovulation (releasing an egg) Many women get cramps and spotting during ovulation and it occurs between periods

spotting can happen either before of after your period often it is dried blood if however you are worried then you should contact your gp.

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Yes; It is possible to spot in between periods. IT can be caused by stress, extreme change in diet or weight change, hormonal imbalance etc. or can just be a result of being young and your periods not being regular yet.

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yes you can. I had a two day period (technically called implantation bleeding) and i think i might be pregnant Do a pregnancy test and get your doc to do a blood test for you.

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dont be harmed if you are bleeding in between your periods while you are on the pill, because it could also be an effect for first time users for the pill.. if you are still curiouse, i would advise you to speak to your doctor

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