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An embargo in general means that some kind of restriction has been placed upon a country. In the case of Cuba, it means that it is illegal for anyone to trade with Cuba, or even visit the country (though recently some visits are permitted for family of Cuban citizens). The US maintains a military base at Guantanomo Bay, Cuba in order to enforce the embargo and to serve as a legal no man's land in which to imprison without trial so-called foreign combatants abducted throughout Afghanistan, Iraq , Pakistan and other countries.

The embargo is widely supported by people of Cuban origin in the US who wish to see Cuba liberated and returned to its pre revolutionary state (ie an island on which the Mafia is free to operate gambling ,drug dealing and whorehouses without interference.)

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Q: What is the Cuban Embargo?
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When did the Cuban Embargo happen?

The Cuban Embargo occurred in 1962.

Did they ban Cuban cigar?

Cuban cigars are banned in the US due to the Cuban embargo placed in October 1960 .

Why did Obama lift the Cuban Embargo?

He didn't.

What did the U.S. place on Cuban goods?


Where can you get Cuban cigars?

Mexico , Canada or anywhere except in the US because of the Cuban embargo .

Where can you buy the finest Cuban Cigars on-line?

You will have to search for a vendor from a country that is not participating in the Cuban embargo. "Cuban's" are not available in the U.S.

Can a UK citizen bring Cuban cigars in to the us?

Cuban cigars are regarded as contraband in the US due to the Cuban embargo .

Who makes the best Cuban Cigars which you can buy directly from them?

You will have to search for a vendor from a country that is not participating in the Cuban embargo. "Cuban's" are not available in the U.S.

Can a US citizen bring Cuban cigars in from England?

No , there's an embargo against the import of Cuban cigars .

Are Cuban cigars legal in Canada?

Yes , Cuban cigars are legal in Canada (Cuban cigars are illegal only in the US due to the 'Cuban Embargo') .

Can you bring Cuban cigars into the US from the B ahamas?

No , not legally , because Cuban cigars have been under an embargo .

Are Cuban cigars illegal in Britain?

No. The embargo is imposed by the US government, and only affects importing Cuban goods to the US.

Is it legal to smoke Cuban cigars in the US?

No , this is because they are illegal in the US due to the Cuban Embargo which was imposed 19 October 1960 .

Should the Cuban embargo be lifted?

I believe the embargo shouldnt be lifted because if the do the Soviet Union might bring in more weapons and threaten the U.S.

How did President Kennedy respond to the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Made Embargo against Cuba

What did JFK try to exempt from the Cuban trade embargo until he faced objections from Tampa manufacturers?


What happened as a result of the Cuban missle crisis?

The United States from an embargo (no Cuban products are allowed in America), and the Cubans only allow a select few Americans to enter their land.

Which president was a cigar smoker?

JFK was an avid smoker. In typical political hypocracy, he had one of his aides buy up hundreds of cuban cigars before he signed the cuban embargo.

Cuban way of life change during the Cold War?

The Cuban way of life changed during the Cold War by isolating the country. They were very limited in their trading due to an embargo placed on them.

How does the Cuban economic embargo influence individual economic activities?

Americans are not allowed to invest in, trade with, or travel to Cuba for business.

Why cant Cuban cigars be brought in the states?

They are illegal due to a 1962 trade embargo against Fidel Castro's communist regime.

how many English cigarettes can you take in to Cuban?

As many as you want. They don't have an embargo against U.S. goods. You just can't sell them.

Is it still illegal to have Cuban cigars?

Yes. The US still has a trade embargo against Cuba. There has been one in place since March of 1958, and recently became more strict by adding that it is illegal for American's to consume Cuban cigars outside of the United States. This was added in 2004. There is currently no end in sight for the embargo to end, but it will most likely continue until Fidel Castro dies and the Cuban government becomes non-communist.

Why did the US put an embargo on Cuba?

The main reason the United States put an embargo on Cuba was because of pressure from US business whose property had been nationalized by the Cuban government without payment. Another reason for the embargo was pressure from refugees and immigrants from Cuba, who favored actions taken against Castro's government. There is a link below to an article on the embargo.

What cigar did John F. Kennedy smoke?

Cubans. He had his staff buy hundreds of dollars of Cuban cigars when he knew he was going to sign the embargo legislation.

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