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Sports sociology examines sports as a part of the culture and social fabric of life.

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It is important to learn the history of sports,because if you know the history of your fave sport youll play better

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Q: What is the Importance of sports sociology in the field of physical education?
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What are the Importance of sports sociology for physical education teachers and coaches?

give me answers not questions, arent yiu answers .com

What is the importance of Physical Education in sports?

To stop people from being fat.

Sub disciplines of Physical Education?

There are a dozen sub disciplines that fall under physical education. In no particular order they are sports philosophy, biomechanics, sports psychology, sports sociology, adapted physical activity, and exercise physiology. The remaining six are sports medicine, sports history, motor learning, sports pedagogy, sports management, and motor development.

What is physical fitnees education?

Physical fitness education is the teaching of why and how to keep your body healthy. Education usually includes healthy eating habits, the importance of exercise, and will include actual physical exercise and sports.

What is the importance of first aid in physical education and sports?

First aid is important in physical education and sports. It is important because medical care is needed promptly when someone is injured while doing PE or playing a sport.

How sports and physical education assist on growth of sports?

In physical education, you are being conditioned for the sports you play. Therefore, it helps you grow in sports.

History of physical education in japan?

physical education is sports :) be nice

What are the importance of anatomy and physiology in the field of physical education and sports?

you need knowledge of anatomy and physiology in sports because it relates to the injuries you receive in a sport and the muscles and bones you use.

Why Education is not same as sports?

Education involves mental action and sports involves physical action.

Explain the meaning of physical education?

The meaning of physical education short for PE is learning about sports