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Sports sociology examines sports as a part of the culture and social fabric of life.

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It is important to learn the history of sports,because if you know the history of your fave sport youll play better

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Q: What is the Importance of sports sociology in the field of physical education?
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What are the Importance of sports sociology for physical education teachers and coaches?

give me answers not questions, arent yiu answers .com

What is the importance of first aid in physical education and sports?

First aid is important in physical education and sports. It is important because medical care is needed promptly when someone is injured while doing PE or playing a sport.

How sports and physical education assist on growth of sports?

In physical education, you are being conditioned for the sports you play. Therefore, it helps you grow in sports.

History of physical education in japan?

physical education is sports :) be nice

Why Education is not same as sports?

Education involves mental action and sports involves physical action.

What are the branches of physical education?

sports medicine. orthopaedics. gerontology. pediatric orthopaedics. food sciences

What are the four types of sports in physical education?

In my opinion Physical education has many kinds. for example: Physical education through physical activities Physical education is a knowledge of body mechanisum Physically &Mentally healthy society based on physical education Physical education provides recreation Physical education deals with the perception and responces of human beings Emman kazi

What has the author Daisy Sheokand written?

Daisy Sheokand has written: 'Development of physical education and sports in India' -- subject(s): History, Sports and state, Sports, Physical education and training

Should you change PE and call it sports education?

no because PE is short for physical education they have a sports education class already

What are the similarities between physical activity and physical education?

get a life it is they both are sports

What is fitness education?

Is a component of movement education. Can be defined as that part of the curriculum that emphasizes the importance of physical activity and physical fitness to a healthy and productive quality of life.

What has the author Noriaki Osada written?

Noriaki Osada has written: 'Principles of physical education and sports studies, and research in all nations' -- subject(s): International relations, Physical education and training, Research, Social aspects, Social aspects of Physical education and training, Social aspects of Sports, Sports