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What is the Russian black market?

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The black market is a general name of various places, where smb can buy illegal things.Situation in Russia is very special due to kind of benevolence of its governant and police. In other words if you pay enaugh you can buy anything incuding passports, weapons, plutonium, people... For imagination:Over 50% of stolen cars from Europe are going to Russia where they are "sold" and on the other side most illegal weapons comes to Europe from Russia. Black market is also reason why many criminals escaped from EU found a safe hide there - for some amout of money you can "buy" the loyalty of local police. For bribes there are costs usually same in whole region and are controled by local mafia bosses. There are also several reports of people smugeling radioactive material from russia, whitch was deffinetely bought on black market. Of course you cannot expect this kind of stuff to be sold somewhere in public. It's called "BLACK market" because it's usually sold face to face in secret.

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