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Hawes Firearms were manufactured by a company in Germany around the late 60's to about 1983. They were a fairly decent gun, but not in the Colt or Smith&Wesson class by any means. They are not a collectors item so they usually sell for about $150 depending on condition and model.


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Depends on EXACT model and condition- $150-$250

Hawes imported inexpensive black-powder Italian reproductions, so the value is not going to be high. Doubtful the grips are actually ivory. *go to Bluebooks Publications, Inc...Firearms...bottom of page offers appraisals for $20.00/2% if above $500.00.

$50-$90. These are not high quality, high value firearms.

Hawes Firearms was an importer of reproduction firearms in the 1960s. The value of any gun is based on the exact make, model and condition. We need all 3 factors, you gave us 1 factor. No answer is possible without more information.

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I don't know an exact price for the Hawes navy but I saw one in an auction sell for around $300.00 awhile back

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