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What is the age of a Western Field Model 14547 K 22 s-l-lr with an octagonal barrel?

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It will be before World War II. Please list all of the markings exactly as they are found on the rifle so we can properly identify it. If you can email digital pictures that would be a big help.

2006-08-14 10:01:28
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Who made a Western Field 20 ga single barrel with a solid rib?

That would be Western Field.

How do you remove the barrel from a western field shotgun?

with a hacksaw

Where can you buy a western field Montgomery wards double barrel shotgun?

I have a 16 gauge double barrel for sale.

Did miroku make a western field model 351a double barrel shotgun?


Will a mossberg model 500 slug barrel fit a western field shotgun?


Where can you find information about a 22 caliber Wards Western Field pump with an octagonal barrel and no other markings?

try bacon arms co they made hand guns for Montgomery Ward under wards western field trade mark Bacon arms made two 22 caliber guns that I could find. Both six shot and one seven shot revolver. Bacon arms does have a few different pistols with octagonal barrels, but only two 22 cal (at least that I came across)

What is the barrel length of a Western Field 22LR rifle?

Have a Model M-846 (Montgomery Ward) semi auto with 18 inch barrel.

What is the value of a western field 12 gauge single shot 32 inch barrel matted rib?

Your Western Field shotgun has a value of between 35-90 dollars.

Where can you find serial numbers for western field shotguns model 565?

Check the barrel and receiver.

Western field 12 gauge double barrel shotgun serial?

1000 bucks. That is how much mine is.

Where can you buy a rifled barrel for a Western Field M550ad?

This should be a Mossberg 500 in a Montgomery Wards suit. Check any dealer for the availability of a slug barrel.

What are facts about Western Field double barrel shotguns?

That would be a Stevens/Savage 315 with a Montgomery Ward name.

What gauge of shell does a Western Field model XNH-480-G use?

It is marked on the barrel.

Who made the Western Field SB 300 C 20 gauge double barrel shotgun?

It is a Stevens 311

Where do you look on western field shotgun for model number?

Generally it is stamped on the side or top of the barrel near the receiver.

Can you use a new Mossberg 500 barrel on your Western Field M550ABD 12ga?

western field/mossberg interchangabilityYes, You can interchange the mossberg 500a barrels with Your Western FieldM550abd. I want to improve the question. can interchange be accomplished in both westernfield 550abd and 550ad

Where would I look for western field XNH369G replacement barrel ( 20 ga screw on barrel)?

I would start my search at Gun Parts Corp.they can be found on the web.

Western field m150a single barrel shot gun?

Yes, it's a bolt-action 410 gauge shotgun.

What is ward western field 52-sb-311 ta?

12 gauge double barrel shotgun

Who made the Western Field Model M842A Bolt Action 22 cal Rifle?

Should be the Mossberg 346 - Produced for Western Field until 1971. 24 inch barrel, holds Shorts, Longs, and Long Rifles.

Who manufactured the 16 gauge Wards Western Field Deluxe 530A double barrel shotgun?

I would guess it was made by Stevens.

Where is the barrel on club penguin field opp?

There is no barrel.

Who made western field 12 gauge pump shotgun M550AD?

Mossberg!AnswerSeveral different companies made 12 gauge pumps for Western Field. You must provide the model number, which should be stamped on the barrel or receiver of the shotgun. G072293

What is the approx age of a Western Field Lever Action 22 model 895?

25 years old The Western Field Model 865 is a private-branded Mossberg Model 402 which was sold by Montgomery Wards from 1968-1969. The Western Field 865A, which featured a slightly larger forearm, was sold from 1970-1971. The Western Field guns do not have the checkered stocks of the Mossberg 402 'Palomino' and obviously not the Mossberg logo buttplate. It has the 20" barrel of the 402 Carbine (the Model 400 had a 24" barrel) and the tubular magazine will hold 15 .22LR cartridges.

Who makes western field 550 shotgun?

The Western Field 550 series were produced by Mossberg for Montgomery Ward. Basically it's a Mossberg 500 and as far as my research and experience with them goes (I own a 550AB in 12 GA and a 550ED in 410 GA), all parts are interchangeable though I've only ever put a Mossberg barrel on my Western Field.