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should'nt take more than 1 hr if you do all the cracking and digging. handyman will probably charge 50 to hundred bucks. licensed plumber probably 100 to 175 bucks.

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What is price for plumber to install toilet?

If you mean installing on an existing flange, it takes less than a half hour. Who knows how much a plumber will charge .

Why does a drain flange have holes in it?

To allow floor flange bolts to have a place to fit and to anchor the flange to the cement /wood decking

Do you need to chip away some cement to place a toilet flange correctly in a basement on a cement floor?

Most likely not, depending on the type of pipe you can find an inside flange to fit.

Can you use a 90 degree long fitting to reposition a toilet flange?

ask a licensed plumber

Who does one contact to repair a toilet flange?

You could contact a local plumber who has had a lot of experience with jobs similar to the one you need done.but you want to make sure they have been a plumber for a long time.

When installing a closet flange to a drain pipe in a concrete floor is there any problem with filling gap around pipe with cement and bolting brass flange to cement rather than attaching to drain pipe?

The bolts that come from the drain and run to to toilet help to alaign proper drainage and seal the toilet. You do not want to do the bolts set in cement idea...

Cost to install a garbage disposal?

I'm a licensed plumber in Michigan and own my own business. We charge $119 for labor. This is for a replacement only. If you need the mounting flange replaced too or any repiping has to be done under the sink, this would incur extra costs.

How much does a roofer charge to repair vent pipe flange?

No less then $1,800 normally

How do you connect a plastic toilet flange to a lead drain line in cement basement floor?

First, in order to accomplish this task, be sure the plastic flange fits the opening in question. It this is new work and anchor bolts or anchorbolt holes are not already in place, fit the flange to the lead drain line as you want it to go and by this guide, using a cement bit, drill holes in the cement(assuming the basement floor is cement). Two holes are required. After the holes are drilled, force lead inserts into the holes. These are to screw the anchoring bolts into to hold the flange stable. Choose the correct lead inserts and the side drill bit to match. Any hardware store can match these up for you. The remount the flange, through the proper holes in the flange, the ones you used as a guide for the holes, then insert the ancholr bolts and tighten down. It Holes are already in place and no lead inserts are already in the holes, simply obtain the proper inserts, bolts and Voila! do according to the above, simple yes?

Is it a roofing issue or plumbing issue roof drain dripping?

Both and but normally a master plumber would fix the problem by removing the existing drain lead/copper /cast iron and install a new drain and remove the membrane to the existing slab water proof the slab with either roof cement or flashing cement then install 4 PSF sheet lead over the drain flange/clamping gravel stop collar and you will now have a leak proof job

What is SOFF flange?

Slip-On Flat Face Flange. It means the face of the flange, the surface the physically touches the next flange is flat as opposed to raised (SORF Flange)

How to Install a New Toilet Flange?

Installing a new toilet flange is a fairly simple process that should take no more than 15 to 20 minutes. A properly installed toilet flange will ensure years of dependable use. If the old flange needs to be removed, this will increase the installation time. These instructions assume you are starting with a waste pipe that does not have a toilet flanged installed. If the old toilet flange is still installed on the waste pipe, begin by removing it, then following these procedures.The following items are needed to complete this procedure:New toilet flangeAdjustable wrenchScrewdriver (Phillips or straight head)Hacksaw (if modification to waste pipe is needed)Purple primer and solvent cement (if PVC flange is installed)New wax seal or waxless toilet sealPlace the new flange on the waste pipe and ensure the pipe height is proper for the flange to be affixed to the subfloor. If modifications need to be made to the waste pipe, use a hacksaw to cut the pipe to the proper height.Ensure the new flange is sitting level to the floor. The flange must sit level and flush to the floor for the toilet to properly seal to the new flange.Install the new flange on the waste pipe with the bolts positioned so they will fit into the toilet mounts. If a PVC flange is used, apply purple primer to the outside of the waste pipe and solvent cement to the inside of the flange, then press the flange firmly on the waste pipe. Be aware, once these item are attach using primer and solvent, they cannot be removed or adjusted. Be sure the flange is positioned and inserted properly on the waste pipe.Secure the new flange to the subfloor by screwing the flange directly into the floor.Apply the new wax seal to the flange or affix a new waxless toilet seal directly to the underside of the toilet.A waxless seal is commonly overlooked by consumers. Ask your retailer about a waxless seal. Waxless seals are cleaner to install and uninstall and can be reused even if the toilet is removed later.Mount the toilet back onto the new flange and secure it using a washer and nut on the flange bolts. Tighten each bolt with an adjustable wrench. Be very careful not to over tighten the bolts. If the bolts are over tightened, the porcelain toilet will crack.Your new toilet flange is installed and ready to use.

Is companion flange same as threaded flange?


How do you fit WNRF flange onto an RTJ flange?

Not. There's no way to connect a WNF to an RTJ flange.

What is a RFFE flange?

Raised face flange end

What is a counter flange and how is it different from a normal flange?

The term"counter flange" is used in Europe to refer to a mating flange to make up a flange pair. For example a "counter flange" attached to a pipe must have the same bolt circle diameter, number of bolts, and size of bolts and pressure rating at the equipment nozzle flange provided by an equipment manufacturer.

What if a toilet flange will not fit in the drain pipe?

Then you need to get either a bigger floor flange, or a toilet with a smaller flange.

How do you get the center to center distance of a flange?

If it's wide flange, it's from center of web to web distance. Other structural members, it's center of flange to center of flange.

How much should you pay to install a toilet?

Depends on whether you already purchased it and whether other parts are needed. If you have the toilet, a Kant leak, a wax seal,FLEXIBLE toilet supply, and the (nuts,bolts and washers) for screwing the toilet to the floor flange, plumber should not charge more than one hour of his rate to install it. Make sure the plumber does NOT silicone around the toilet. If there is a leak from the wax seal under the toilet and it is siliconed, the water stays under the toilet and rots the floor, if you are on a wood floor.

How do you repair toilet bowl mounting flange?

depending on your type of flange and pipe and the damage of the flange, if you have a PVC flange with just the bolt slots busted then you can screw in new bolts to the floor below the flange and still use the flange but if its broken where the wax seal sits then if your flange is lower then the floor you can use a insert flange that fits inside your old toilet flange with thin walls to keep the pipe size maximum. To replace the entire flange can be a job especially if its in concrete or in a floor joist because most of the time you have no room and if its cast iron pipe it can be even more of headache but in order to replace the flange you need to cut it out to where you can reconnect the pipe and flange by using a fernco or a no hub band. Sometimes it is impossible to replace because the flange can be on all close fittings and you pretty much have to replace most of the plumbing drain pipe to replace it properly which is why you want to try repairing your toilet flange rather then replacing it .

What is a swrf flange?

SWRF is a Socket Welded Raised Face flange

What is an offset closet flange?

It offsets the floor flange bolts by 2"

What is the different with normal flange and flange with jack screw?

Jack Screw is a sistem for dissasembling. The diference is that the flange has threathed holes where a bolt is installed.

Can you use forged flange with cast flange?

Normally whether use the forged flange or cast flange depends on the design code, material, pressure, temperature, stress strength and medium of the piping system. It has been decided since the beginning of the design. If forged flange is chosen, it is very dangerous for you to use cast flange due to its much lower strength and other mechanical&chemical performance. If cast flange is chosen, it is not sensible to change it to forged flange because of the high cost. Visit Hebei Metals Industrial Limited website for more information about the forged flange.

What is a compression flange?

A compression flange is used to connect a toilet to the sewer line.