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What is the best brand of oil filter?


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Stay away from FRAM and any filter they make. After cutting open a fram and comparing it to a few other filters I will NEVER use a FRAM again. Wix, AC Delco, NAPA Gold ( also a wix), & Purolator are all excellent filters.


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Use the proper fit oil filter from fram found at your local auto parts store.

Is there a cross reference from a Generac Oil Filter P/N 0A45310244 to another brand?

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It is a filter made in China by Honha.

not fram but valvoline brand # VO39 - [old]. Now valvoline brand VO106 - [New]

Purolator, Wix, & Bosch are all excellent filters. I personally use Purolator.

All major brands of oil are excellent at protecting and lubricating your engine. The oil filter is just as important so buy a quality filter such as AC/Delco, Purolator, Wix, or Bosch and avoid cheap brands. The brand of oil is your choice. I use Pennzoil and have never had an internal engine problem in 40 years with this brand.

Any major brand of SAE 10w30.

Any major brand 5w20 oil. The filter is just as important as the oil. Use a name brand filter such as AC/Delco, Purolator, & Wix. Click the link to my blog where I discuss changing your oil.

If you meant by brand it doesnt really matter an oil filter is an oil filter no matter what they say. Its all personal preference.

Any major brand of oil is good. As to oil filters I would recommend Wix, Purolator, NAPA, Mopar, or Bosch. Stay away from Fram, or any filter manufactured by Fram. They are not quality filters.

Depends on the brand you buy. If you buy an AC/Delco which I recommend, get a PF46 oil filter. .

Depends on the brand of oil filter. Any place that sells for filters can tell you correct size.

AE-10 is a part number from Zinga, which is the same as the WIX 51551. Usual application is as a hydraulic oil filter. It is a 10 micron filter.

What is your Goal - Not pay Sears prices for an oil filter? I bought a NAPA brand oil (1348) filter for my riding lawn mower with a 16 HP Kohler for $6.

Best is a name brand 4stroke motorcycle oil. 20w50 viscosity. Changing oil ad filter will require just under 4qts.

All oil filters are particulate filters. They filter "particles" from the oil. How well they do it is another matter. Stick with a name brand filter and you'll be fine.

Any name brand 5w30 weight oil and a quality filter such as Wix or Purolator. I use Pennzoil oil and Purolator filter.

From $5 to $15 depending on the brand you buy. You can get a quality Purolator filter for $7.

A/C DELCO is the best oil filter, That is what the factory uses.

From my experience Toyota oil filter works great.

My oil filter is stuck on my 1995 Jimmy truck whats the best thing i can do?

Typically, generic brands will work just as well as brand name oil filters.

You can change the oil filter on your 2007 Kia by turning the oil filter to the left. It is best to use a filter wrench. Put the new filter on by turning it to the right.

5W30 with a A/C delco oil filter. Kendell and gastrol is a good brand of oil.

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