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No college/university guarantees you getting into medical school and then into the OBGYN residency program. Some colleges boast 100% acceptance into medical school, but this statistic is skewed and doesn't account for HOW MANY times people applied andwere rejected, and it doesn't count the people who changed their mind after being rejected and went on to do something else. Look into the medical school of your choice, and see what their admission criteria are. Then, take those classes/major in Biology/Chemistry, etc and apply when you should. MCAT scores are also part of the admissions process, as is the medical school interview. Just know that when you go through all of this, you still only have a first professionl degree, and you do not have the highest degree offered, which is a PhD. Many people do not know this and do not make the informed choice to take a professional degree (like a pharmacist's PharmD, a dentist's DDS).

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Q: What is the best college to attend if you want to be an OB-GYN?
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