What is the best place to go in a zombie outbreak?

It depends on the type of zombie, as if they're quick-moving zombies, there really isn't a safe place. If they're slow moving though(especially if they're a type of zombie or infected that die after a certain amount of time) try to find a defensible spot in the middle of nowhere. Military bases(especially abandonned ones) are the best. If you can't get out of a city, go for the most defensible building you can find(Malls=not a good idea!) if you happen to have a local conspiracy theorist who has lots of guns and unnecessary protections on their house, you're gonna want to befriend them. Also, prisons are a good option, as the prisoners will likely have escaped(or if they haven't, try to befriend the ones who aren't pedophiles or drunk drivers, since at least a convicted murderer will have practice, if on live people not zombies.) If you're completely stuck, do not even go into a basement, or the upper levels of an unstable building! Stay off the ground floor though, and stick to places with as few windows as possible, housing in the ghettoish areas could be used in an emergency.

both, hospitals and police stations are the worst places to go to, if someone is bitten, but they are unaware of the zombie infection they will be brought to a hospital, and at a police station there are chances of trampling, accindentle firing, and fires. the best places are your own house and a prison from before 1965, the prison because if it is from before 1965, it will have huge tall, thick walls, lots of food, restrooms, and likley, inmates willing to help with anything to stay alive. your house because it is easy to keep zombies out by just being plainly unnoticable, ypu can do this by covering you windows with something that blocks light, to not attract zombies, and just be quiet and wait it out.