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What is the best plant to grow for profit in Texas with 1 acre or less possibly in greenhouses?

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Try Miniature Melons, most local restaurants will buy them off season

2008-04-03 14:01:51
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What materials are needed in constructing a plant nursery?

you need greenhouses/hoop houses and trees, shrubs, perennials

What is Texas plant life?

There are many different kinds of animal and plant life in Texas. Grass of course is one plant in Texas.

When cloning a plant does the location of the cutting have an impact on the plant?


When was Native Plant Society of Texas created?

Native Plant Society of Texas was created in 1981.

What temperature levels should a greenhouse be?

There is no one temperature for greenhouses. The temperature and humidity are matched to the type of plant in the beds and the stage of that plant's growth.

What was the first flowering plant?

possibly magnolia

Why are greenhouses green?

Really green houses are clear or cloudy colored. But they are helpful to our envirment because they help produce more plant which cycle carbon dioxide

State plant of Texas?

the bluebonnet

What is the national plant of Texas?


When to plant cotton in Texas?


What is the most economically important plant in Texas?

The most economicallly important plant in Texas can be found by doing a quick internet search.

Can orange juice affect plant growth?


How are plant sprays harmful to humans?

possibly yes

What is a plant source of unrefined sugar?

Possibly the sugarcane

What crop did the Jamestown settlers plant to make a profit for their investors?


How are florists able to deliver spring blooming flowers year round?

They do it by use of greenhouses, controlled light and heat, plant hormones and importing from other parts of the world

Is profit maximization necessarily the best path to sustainability?

No.. Sustainability requires the adoption of Triple bottom line which includes profit, people and plant.

What are some plant life in Texas?


Common plant in Texas?

oak tree.

What kind of plant is the Texas bluebonnet?

it is a flower

How can you use superheated steam to grow plants?

steam will kill just about any plant and superheat steam even more so. they are used for cleaning and disinfecting greenhouses and soil.

Why do plants grown in greenhouses in winter rarely grow as fast as the same type of plant grown outside in the summer even if the temperatures are the same?

The lack of sunlight is the main factor.

What has the author William Fleming Bewley written?

William Fleming Bewley has written: 'Diseases of glasshouse plants' -- subject(s): Greenhouses, Plant diseases, Greenhouse plants, Diseases and pests

What is the state plant of Texas?

The Prickly Pear Cactus

What is the Texas state plant?

Prickly pear cactus