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What is the best way lose fat in the inner thigh area?


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reduce fat intake-aerobic exercise 40-60 minutes per day-minimum 5 days a week-leg exercises to tone up leg muscles-


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There's really no special exercises you can do to just lose inner thigh . But any exercise targeting the legs or thighs will get you results.

There are different ways through which you can lose fat from the back side of your thigh. You can use exercises that target the thigh area like swimming, squats, jogging, skipping and so much more.

An elliptical increases the heart rate and any exercise that does this will burn fat. You will ultimately lose fat in your thigh and belly area, but depending on your genetics and diet you might not lose in those areas first.

The hip and thigh diet is a popular diet to lose weight in the hip and thigh region. This diet is not recommended by medical professionals. There are better diets for individuals that want to lose weight in these regions.

yes, it does but I think running is better way to lose weight

In 1916 he was wounded by shrapnel in the thigh or groin area.Contrary to popular rumours he did not lose a testicle from that wound.

Excercises are the main way most specialists advice to loose fat and tone your thighs, if you just eat less and restrict calorie intake you will loose fat from your legs but they will not have much shape or energy as you have not toned any muscle. This is also dangerous which is why following a healthy diet is just as important as excercising your inner thigh muscles. ps; There are thousands of inner thigh workouts online it is just the case of finding the one that is right and most effective for you. Goodluck! x

Napoleon had both of his arms. He was wounded in the thigh in 1793.

You can lose weight in thighs by doing thigh-targeted exercises, eating healthy, and being active.

You can't. It takes longer than a day to lose weight from your thighs (or anywhere, for that matter).

Exercise! Walking, swimming, jogging, pilates, dancing, running

If you jog for about 15-30 min., it really works your thighs, so you can't lose the ongoing battle of losing thigh fat. trust me, I know. I've been there, done that, and don't want to go back.

Yes, it takes longer then stomach fat, but yes

Yes, but it takes a lot of work and dedication

Like many sports, the fact that you are exercising will burn fat off of your body from anywhere. Swimming will help you burn fat off of mostly from your thigh area and the rest of your body. The strokes that may help you lose the most are freestyle and backstroke.

you can lose weight when you jog,leg-ups,push-ups,excercise like this is one of the best excercise.

Well i have done dance for 4 years and just all around a lot of sports if you want to lose weight try activities and also trust and ask and pray to jesus to help you because hes the true answer to happiness not how you look JESUS LOVES YOU

i dont know where you lost it, so try and remember where you last put it....

Walk. This requires nothing but feet. Go for a walk every day.

You can't spot reduce. Exercises for a specific area will improve muscle tone in that area but not selectively get rid of fat there. The best bet is to eat less and exercise more and so lose weight in general.

If you run for about 15-30 min. a day, 3 days a week, it really works your thighs and you can't lose the ongoing battle of losing thigh weight.

Most diets and regimes focus on the stomach. If you want to lose hip and thigh fat, though, try out a diet regime that includes workout exercises and cardio targeting the hips and thighs.

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