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Try to avoid food that contains a lot of "fat" (Trans fat, total fat). That diet (I made 5 so far over the last 18 years, lost and gained 30-40 lbs each diet) was the only one that helped me lose 42lbs (and much more important: to keep it off!!). Also, try to do a little bit exercise (whatever makes fun: swimming, walking, jogging). 10-15 minutes a day is a good start. Please DO NOT avoid all "fat" in the food. You may get gall problems (gallstones). There is no way to lose weight fast. The faster you lose weight, the faster you will gain it back. Give yourself 1/2 year to lose 20 lbs maximum, 1 year to loose 40 lbs and so on.

The other posters are most certainly correct, but one little culprit many of us forget is "yeast!" Yes, women are loaded with this and why do you think many women have yeast infections.

If you get a book on a no yeast diet (let your doctor have a look at it) and stay away from yeast for approx. 6 weeks and slowly introduce a little back into your system, and follow what the other posters have told you, the weight will drop off.

There is no easy or magic way to lose weight quickly in a healthy way. Get out there and move! Jog for short distances (don't stress your heart), and it's even more fun to go with a friend.

For one month keep a journal of every bit of food you put in your mouth. We are all bad for popping a quick candy, energy bar, into our mouths when we are busy. Best to stop, stretch and eat a healthy salad from a place like "Subway" than eat a bun, greasy hamburger, or anything sweet.

Most of us love sweets, so if you absolutely have to have something sweet here is a trick I learned. I'd buy a chocolate bar (preferably with squares) take two and suck on them in my mouth. I'd hide the rest of the chocolate bar. Now that I think of it I must have a dozen or so hidden in nooks and crannies around my house. Ewww!

There are so many good exercise machines out there and "bowflex" is one of them if you prefer to exercise at home. If you go on your local "shopping channel" you can pick these machines up for a song.

Its extremely hard to start, so do it in steps;

Start with a full stop in candy, chips, soda, etc.

After 1-2 weeks you can clearly see difference.This will give you motivation to start the next step.

Eat healty: Make a program. Now you will feel something is missing from your diet (sugar, etc.). Instead of eating more, drink water! Always have a bottle of water next to you!

In 1-2 weeks you will definitely see a difference. Now you can start exercising. Start off by just walking 3 times a week.

When you feel up to it:

Find a program suited for you (remember, you have already lost a lot of weight)

You should keep it simple. I read this article in a health magazine once that changed my life: simply walk 45 every day and you will lose 1 pound about every 11 days without changing your diet. If you also cut back on the junk and up your vegetables you will lose even faster.

But please remember this: you need to make small changes you can keep for life. If you lose 3 pounds a month (I'm sure you'll lose a lot more!!) in the next year you'll lose 36 pounds forever.

By the time you're ready to celebrate your 21st birthday, you will be thin, beautiful and healthy--for life.

I am older and lost over 30 pounds in 6 months. I walked more as I became more energized and I ate no sugar. So don't panic! Be good to yourself.

The best way to lose weight, no matter what your age or how much you weigh, is to live a healthy lifestyle by eating properly, getting enough exercise, and also getting good sleep every night (an aspect that is often overlooked).

First of all, please save yourself tons of money and wasted hope by NOT buying into all of the diet and pill fads. You may in fact lose weight a little faster these ways, but I guarantee that you will not only gain it all back, but you will be MISERABLE while you're doing it! Fad diets can make you crazy with all the things you can't eat or have to eat, and they can also be very unhealthy. Pills are dangerous, too; even ones that claim to be safe. And let's face it, whether you're fat or thin, if you're not healthy, what's the point?

Secondly, the faster you realize that you cannot, cannot, cannot lose weight sitting on your butt all the time and eating whatever you feel like, the faster the weight will come off. If fat people put half as much energy into a healthy lifestyle change as they do into finding a miracle diet, we would all be much smaller! I will tell you this, too: eating healthy and exercising are not mutually exclusive. What I mean is you can't just exercise all the time so you can continue eating whatever you want, nor can you eat so little or so healthy that you never have to exercise. It doesn't work that way, trust me!

So, we know that fad diets and pills don't really work, and we have to eat right and exercise. Now what, right? Good news, the formula is not difficult. As far as exercise goes, our elementary school gym teachers were right....30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, spinning, etc.) three or four times a week will do it. Eating right is a slightly more complicated process, but not by much. First things first: immediately cut ALL sugar out of your diet. ALL OF IT! And beware of things like Chewing Gum or mints, which you may think don't have that much sugar, or in places where you might not even expect sugar, like white bread and pasta. (Listen, don't eat no carbs, just eat the right ones in moderation, like wheat bread and whole grain pastas.) Once you get over the sugar hump (four to five days, and you may not even miss it), the rest of your new diet will seem easy. Eat your daily carbs for breakfast, like a bowl of oatmeal or whole grain pancakes with sugar free syrup. Carbs give us energy, and we need energy to make it through the day. For lunch, have a salad or some cheddar cheese and whole grain crackers with a piece of fruit. Don't eat heavy lunches; you want to be hungry again at a reasonable hour, not 20 minutes before you hit the sack. For supper, three to four ounces of lean meat like baked chicken or beef is good, with as many veggies as your healty heart desires. No carbs, not even good ones, because overnight they will turn into fat. Drink plenty of water. Don't skip meals. Don't be afraid to snack, but make healthy choices available to yourself, like yogurt and fruits. Go ahead and get your three servings of dairy a day, because, not only do they curb the appetite quite well, they have also been proven to aid in the loss of belly fat! If you must take a supplement, I suggest fiber. Most people don't get enough anyway. And remember, if you don't bring junk food into your house, you won't be tempted to eat it, so be a health-minded consumer!

I also wanted to add a note on your weight loss time frame. There is a posting on this page that says you should limit your weight loss to 20 lbs every six months, or 40 lbs a year and so on. This is only a half truth. If you are fad dieting or on weight loss pills, it is a definite possibility to lose weight faster than your body should, but that's because you're doing it in an unhealthy way. If you are sticking to a healthy diet and getting enough exercise and the right amount of rest, your body is going to lose weight exactly as fast as it needs to. If that turns out to be 40 lbs in the first six months, that's just fine. And if you need to lost alot of weight, say 80 lbs or more, that may take awhile, depending on how well you stick to your lifestyle change, and that's ok, too. But I guarantee you'll keep it off!

Do loads of sport! Try and eat less stuff with fat, sugar and all that...I mean you can have a treat once in a while but try going towards a healthy lifestyle! It's never too late!

Eating breakfast also helps loads! If you have a healthy and filling breakfast, you tend to work more, get better grades and get more involved in things including sporting activities which could help you lose weight! Try and you'll see the difference!

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