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Most likely like any other body of water. What you have to be concerned with is the pH and alkalinity levels. The copper will inevitably get a pattina on it along with a water line. Frequent cleaning would help.

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Q: What is the best way to sanitize a pool with a copper statue partially in the water?
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Why did the statue of liberty change color?

The water near the statue made the copper in it oxidize and turn from copper colored to the green seen today.

How did the Statue of Liberty become green?

The statue of liberty use to brown because it was made of copper, but 100 years of water hitting the statue made it green

How did Statue of Liberty tuned green?

The outside skin of the Statue of Liberty is made of copper. When it was first made it was the color of a penny. Over time the copper reacts with the water in the air to formal compounds that are green-blue in color.

What will happen to copper when put in water?

when copper is put with water it turns green like the statue of liberty it is actually a browny bronze colour but when water and other chemicals react with it, it chages colour to a green colour

How do you sanitize a sponge?


What chemical is used to sanitize water?


What changed the color of the Statue of Liberty?

It was really copper, but over time, the salt water got to it and turned it green.

Do all dishwasher sanitize the dishes?

Properly used (hot water and detergent soap) and loaded, a dishwasher will sanitize dishes.

What temperature should water be to sanitize laundry?


How do you sanitize 55 gals of water?

cook it to a boil

What is water that is partially salty and partially fresh?

brackish water

What causes iron to rust and lady liberty turn green?

The statue of liberty is made from copper, not iron. By reactions with carbon dioxide and water green hydrated copper carbonate is formed.

Does copper and steam react?

Yes, copper and water will react given enough time. The product will be cupric or cuprous oxide, which is a green color. This is why the Statue of Liberty is a unique shade of green - it is made of copper which then developed the green patina.

How do you sanitize diamond rings?

dip for 15 minutes in rubbing alcohol, rinse off with warm water. This will clean and sanitize gold and diamond.

How do you sanitize a drinking fountain?

To sanitize a drinking fountain, you can use a bucket of water and add some bleach to it. Use this mix to wipe down the water fountain. Cleaning of a water fountain should be done every week.

Why was the Statue of Liberty gold?

The Statue of Liberty was originally gold, because it's made of copper. (Think of a shiny penny.) However, sea water and ocean air have caused it to turn the shade of green that it is today.

What is the long term impact of water and oxygen on copper?

Corrosion or the coper item resulting in holes or structurally weakened copper. It turns very green; like the statue of liberty which is also made of copper. It should be cleaned with acid to remove corrosion.

What are the pros and cons of a chlorine free pool that uses copper ionization to disinfect the pools water?

Even with the Ionizer you will need a chlorine product to sanitize the water. The ionizer will not do the job on it's own. If you were given that idea from the people who sold you the unit -- you were misinformed.

What are bromine chlorine and salt water pool cleaners?

Bromine is an additive that you put in a pool to sanitize the water. Chlorine is an additive that you put in a pool to sanitize the water. Salt is added to some pools to allow it to be converted electronically to chlorine with a salt water chlorinator.

How can you sanitize your toothbrush at home?

Boil some water, and stick the head of the toothbrush in it.

What are some example of partially soluble substances?

partially soluble subtances which partially dissolve in water such as chalk

Why does the Statue of Liberty's outer skin appear green even after restoration?

The natural process of oxidation turned the brown copper into a sea green which cannot be completely reversed. This process occurs when air and water meet the copper plates. The green color is copper carbonate, protecting the copper within from being further damage.

What metal is the Statue of Liberty made of?

It is made up of an iron frame and coated with a copper sheet. The reason that it has the bluish-green tint is because of chemical reactions from water. Otherwise, it would have its original brownish-red tint to it.Copper

What is a body of water partially enclosed by land but with access to sea?

A partially closed body of water is called a bay!!!!!

What partially ionizes in water?

Weak acid like acetic acid partially ionizes in water as their structure is complex