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What is the buzz-rattle coming from the front right side of your 1999 Subaru Forester when you drive over 35 mph?

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2007-05-11 12:20:28

Wow, that is a head scratcher. Almost has to be something

interfering with the tire, wheel, brake rotor, or the axle. There

is a large plastic skid pan under the engine that, if it were

damaged in just the right way, would make the sound that you are

describing. I think its time to either jack the front end up so

that you can spin the wheel and look and listen for something that

coud rub on the rotating pieces or take it to a garage and have

them do it. My guess is that its going to be something relatively

benign, but you just never know. Please let us know how it turns

out. I'd have to have more information. Does the sound seem to be

coming from the engine compartment, the road, or under the dash?

Does the pitch of the noise change as speed changes? if you move

the steering wheel left and right, does the noise change? If you

touch the brake pedal does the noise change? If you go faster than

35, say 70, does the noise disappear? By "buzz-rattle", does it

sound like a loose exhaust shield, if you've ever heard one of

those? Noise the same in full throttle or when you're coasting?

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