What is the cause of a cat losing weight and having a hard time eating food and drooling?

  • All these are alarming signs for a cat. Please take your kitty to the animal doctor as soon as possible.
  • Yes, those are alarming symptoms. Your cat urgently needs the help of a vet. If you cannot afford the treatment explain that to the vet, tell him or her how ill you cat is, and ask where you can get free treatment. A vet is duty bound to tell you even if they will not provide free treatment. If you live in the UK, please contact the RSPCA who will offer free advice and free treatment. Also, if you cannot afford treatment for your poor cat and you do not live in the UK, please feel free to ask the question again and state the country in which you live. Alternatively, leave a message on my board with those details and I will get the information for you.