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could possable be loose torque converter boltscould be a motor mount

Check the oil level. Sometimes being low on oil causes a knocking sound.

i would have to say i bet 9 times out of ten its the harmonic balancer dos the noise get louder when put in reverse.....? if so that's definitley what it there about 100 bucks but you can most likely find one at the junk yard for cheap 20 bucks..... i would advise to rent a harmonic balancer pulley from the nearest auto zone you will need

im not too sure it has anything to do with the oil, if it was low enough to make the engine make noise, the oil level sensor light would have came on the dash . if it where a motor mount, you would know. every turn you make you would feel the engine shifting, and it would be a lot louder than a knocking sound. although i have the same knocking issue with my 03 Gt, and all i did was tighten the valves. if you are mechanically inclined, you can do this yourself in less than an hour. if not don't try! take it in to any shop and pay 1 hour labour.

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Q: What is the cause of knocking sounds underneath the car when the engine is idle?
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What can cause knocking sounds in a 1994 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

what engine?

Can injectors cause engine knocking in a Kia Sorento 2003?


What is engine knocking?

Cause low pressure oil pump

Why is my 2003 cavalier engine knocking?

Engine knocking can be caused by numerous things. Having the incorrect spark plugs, carbon deposits on the cylinder walls, and being low on engine oil may all cause a knocking sound.

What is the cause of a loud knocking sound in engine compartment?

Bad bearing or rod

What would cause a knocking sound when not stepping on the gas?

can you elaborate? engine noise? stationary/moving? ticking, tapping or a definite knocking?

What would cause a loud knocking noise coming from the engine at 70 mph and make the truck shake very badly?

Having a bad rod bearing could cause a truck to make a loud knocking noise and shake when driving at high speeds. The engine having a coolant leak or an engine timing problem could also cause the knocking noise.

Can fouled spark plugs cause engine shaking and knocking as well as loss of power?

Yes, fouled spark plugs can cause engine shaking, and loss or power. I'm not sure about knocking but I'd guess that too.

When climbing hill engine makes knocking sound 1nzfe engines?

owners manual say it could be normal,but carbon on pistons from my experience also cause knocking,when I remove carbon knocking stops,I have corolla with 1nze engine.

What cause the engine to have a knocking noise on 3.0 liter Toyota Avalon?

Crank Shaft.

Can a bad harmonic balancer make a knocking noise?

A bad harmonic balancer can cause a knocking noise. The harmonic balancer doesn't actually produce the noise, but it can cause the noise in the engine.

Can a starter being installed wrong cause engine knocking?

no installig a starter wrong will not cause engine knocking. all that will do is maybe short fuses, heat up wires, ruin your starter, or melt wires. knocking isn't electrical it is mechanical like lifters, pistons, valves, things like that

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What causes a knocking noise under the hood of your car?

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