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What is the cause of random misfire on a 1998 Caravan 3L?


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2005-05-01 03:52:38
2005-05-01 03:52:38

I don't have an answer, but do have a similar problem, with my 1998 GC 3L. In my case, the pending codes seem to be a Cyl 2, Cyl3 and Mutli Random misfire. However, final code is usually Cyl 2 misfire. Mine always happens at 6mph and when the van is slowing down. I have tried the basis, compression, plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor button. Also replaced #2 injector. No change. We do not feel any missing. Van runs very smooth. I am beginning to think it is a computer/sensor problem. It is very strange to me that it ALWAYS happens at 6mph and slowing down. This is based on the frozen data.


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