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This could be bad spark plugs or plug wires

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Q: 1998 Ford Explorer 4wd 4.0 SOHC and would it cause the truck to misfire pop and smoke?
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What do you do to stop the engine misfire on your truck?

Do a proper diagnosis to figure out the cause of the misfire, then repair it.

What would cause the rear end on a ford truck to smoke?

my truck started to smoke from the rear end when I was driving down the high way and now its jerking around WHY or What would be the cause

Will water in diesel fuel cause truck to blow white smoke?

It can.

What can you put on your gas truck to cause it to blow smoke?

A for sale sign, then buy a diesel.

We replaced every sensor on your 1994 s10 and the truck still has a bad miss in it?

Bad spark plug wires or spark plugs can cause your 1994 Chevrolet S 10 two misfire. A plugged fuel filter can also cause the vehicle to misfire.

What happens when you drive with a bad knock sensor?

it could cause your truck to run in limp mode due to the truck thinking it has a misfire or it could in some cases cause poor fuel economy and plug up your catalytic converters

Why does the truck putt when going?

exhaust leak misfire cylinder imbalance

Why does your truck blow blue smoke?

your truck blue smoke when it burns oil, or transmission fluid.

Why does a truck blow out white smoke when turned on?

is this a diesel truck?does this engine have a turbo?if it is a diesel with a turbo,it will blow white smoke when cold till it warms upif it continues to blow smoke check your air filterother reason if it continues to blow smoke is the turbo is about to crater get it checkedalso check engine oil for coolant lossif coolant is leaking into cylanders,this will cause white smoke

What could cause smoke in the passenger compartment in an old 1979 Chevy Pickup truck?

oil or tranny leak and dripping on exhaust

Why does my truck misfire at high RPM?

Check your exhaust. C converter for exhaust flow issues

Why does truck skip on one side and blows black smoke?

Why does my truck skip and pop on one side and blows black smoke??

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