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Q: What is the correct dosage of vitamin D can a pregnant woman take?
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What all type of vitamin should a pregnant woman take?

A good prenatal vitamin.

How much vitamin c does a pregnancy woman need?

The recommended amount of vitamin c for a pregnant woman is 2000 MG

How much vitamin C does a pregnant woman need?

about 150 to 200mg

Can a Pregnant woman use moisturizer?

Yes, and I suggest ones with Vitamin E.

What is the daily recommended allowance for vitamin B12?

An adult's RDA of Vitamin B-12 is 2.4mcg. For a pregnant woman it is 2.6mcg.

Is it okay for the pregnant women to take sodium ascorbate?

Yes. It is okay for pregnant woman to take Vitamin C.

Can pregnant woman eat guava?

yes .its absoultey good. it conatins Vitamin C.

If a non pregnant woman needs 1000 mg of vitamin c how much does a pregnant woman need?

2,000 i think so it make so much sense.

What vitamin should a pregnant woman take while pregnant?

Pregnant woman should take multivitamin supplement in the pregnancy. Folic acid has to be given in extra dose in pregnancy. It is necessary for cell replication.

If 1000 mg vitamin c is requested for non pregnant women then how much vitamin does a woman need during pregnancy?

When you are not pregnant you actually need 30mg everyday and same for pregnant women. They both need the same amount.

Can pregnant woman wear tights?

Pregnant women can wear tights provided they are the correct sie and cause no discomfort.

What vitamin should a nurse recommend to a pregnant woman to reduce the occurrence of spina bifida in her baby?

folic acid

What is the recommended amount of vitamin C needed for somebody who is pregnant and based on the fact that a non-pregnant person needs 1000mg?

The recommended intake in the USA is 75mg a day, far from 1000mg a day. But if you eat a normal diet you don't have to add anything. Vitamin C is not generally a something we are missing today. When pregnant you can stick to 75mg a day. Vitamin C Is not harmful for a pregnant woman.

Can you drink vitamin water in lieu of taking prenatal vitamin?

No. Prenatals contain folic acid, which you need in order to prevent fetal monstrosities. Vitamin water does not contain folic acid in sufficient quantities for a pregnant woman

How much vitamin c do you need?

It all depend on the individual like children, adult men, woman, pregnant woman and aged person. On an average adult men needs around 75mg to 100mg of Vitamin C as daily requirement.

What supplements should pregnant people have?

Pregnant women should take prenatal vitamin supplements which are full of a lot of different vitamins and minerals that will help both the woman and the baby.

Can you get a woman pregnant if she pregnant?

No. Once pregnant, a woman can't get pregnant-er.

Can a woman ovulate if she is pregnant?

No; a woman will not ovulate if she is pregnant.

Can a woman with hpv get pregnant?

A woman with hpv can get pregnant.

Should you use vitamin e if you are trying to get pregnant?

You should use vitamin C - it increases the woman's egg white and helps the sperm to travel. However, don't use it excessively because that can dry up the egg white and make it very hard to get pregnant

How much of vitamin c does a pregnant woman need?

You can't take too much vitamin C... but 2-3000 mg a day should do wonders for your body if you aren't already taking that much

Can a woman get pregnant by a woman?


What are items a pregnant woman should not do?

A pregnant woman should never lift heavy objects. A pregnant woman shouldn't eat sushi. A pregnant woman shouldn't smoke.

What is the probability of a pregnant woman giving birth on correct due date?

Our doctor told us the probability was 4%.

How much vitamin c does a pregnant woman need a day?

Try to consume at least one source of Vitamin C every day-orange-strawberries-tomatoes-green pepper-broccoli-cauliflower-grapefruit