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What is the correct gap of spark plug for Mitsubishi lancer 1995 and can you recommend what brand you going to used?



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Gap ratio should be listed in owners manual. If you don't have one go to the local library and look through the chiltons car book for specs. You can also call Mitsubishi and ask them the gap. The type of plug you want to buy is one that is going to give you the best performance for your type vehicle. I believe the Lancer is a 4 cylinder, so you don't have to go with platinum or titanium. You can go with a standard A/C delco plug. At the auto store they may offer ones that have a longer stay time then others, ex) 50,000 mile wear. The life of your plug depends on your maintenance of vehicle. If carbon is allow to build up on plug doesnt matter what ones you buy the plug will not perform. You must maintain proper tuneups and the like. Good luck