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You will need to take your valve cover and you flywheel cover off to do this. Once you have those off, you twist the flywheel until the "t" mark on the flywheel is lined up with the arrow on the engine. Then you look at your cam chain sprocket which is under your valve cover, and you make sure that the "o" mark is at 12 o'clock. If it is not, then you have to take your cam chain off and twist your cam until it is at 12 o'clock, then put you chain back on.

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Q: What is the correct timing alignment for a 1995 Honda XR80R?
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What is the timing on a 1986 Honda xr80r?

i set the timing and cant get my xr80r to start?

What is the top speed of a 2002 Honda XR80R?

An xr80r topped out is exactly 90 MPH

What is top speed of 1994 Honda xr80r dirt bike?

the top speed on a xr80r is about 35mph

When did Honda stop making the xr80r?

Slow sales.

Does the Honda xr80r require oil in the gas?

nope its four stroke

Top speed on a 2003 Honda xr80r?

Around 50-60 Mph

What is the oil capacity for a 2001 Honda xr80r?

It is .85 of a quart, or 8/10ths of a quart.

Spark plug gap 2001 Xr80r Honda?

if you buy a new spark plug for your 2001 xr80r and it has a gap setting, set the setting all the way to the top of the plug as far as you can get it.

What is the recommended oil for a Honda xr80r?

10w40 weight. I use castroll conventional oil in mine.

Is a 2003 Honda XR80R really a race bike?

Any bike can be used to race. The XR80R is a 4-stroke engine so even though it is an 80R, it is not traditionally considered a race bike. The Honda CR series are considered race bikes. They are 2-stroke engines.

What does the R after 80 mean in XR80r?

Honda designate all motorcycles in the 650cc to 899cc band with the suffix 'R'

Where is serial number on Honda motorcycle 2003 XR80R?

it should be on the front of the frame right behind the front number plate

How fast does a stock xr80r go?

i am only 10 and i hit about 45 on my xr80r

What is the spark plug gap for a 2000 Honda xr 80r?

The spark plug gap for a 2000 Honda XR80R is .028", according to a major spark plug manufacturer (NGK).

What kind of gas do you use for a Honda xr80r 2-cycle or regular gas?

regular gas xr is a 4stroke engine

Your 1985 Honda xr80r wont start it was in shed for a week and started first time but then cut out and wont start again?

I have a 1991 Honda xr80r has new top end and new rings has good spark and good compression i put a new flywheel on it and started right up but when i shut it off it wouldn't start back up.

What kind of oil do you use in your 2000 Honda xr80r dirt bike?

one quart of 10 w 30 four stroke motorcycle oil.

What would be wrong with a Honda XR80R 1997 if it was making a clicking sound?

Check the oil first, if oil is low it will run good but just have a constant clicking sound on idle.

Why will my 1991 Honda XR80R not start it has spark and a new carburetor checked timing and spark plug seems dry?

Try putting gas in carb and start or take out plug and put gas in put plug back in and try to start.If it tries to run or starts check fuel lines for blockages .If not check compression.

How much is a 1986 xr80r worth?

$1000 there really hard to find

How fast does an 80cc motorcycle go?

My 2004 XR80R, dirtbike, went around 45mph.

What is the difference between a Honda xr80r and a cr80?

The CR80 is a 2 stroke with a 6 speed, watercooled, disc braked, seat height of 32.6 inches and weighs 151 pounds. The XR80 is a 4 stroke with a 5 speed, air cooled, drum braked, seat height of 28.6 inches and weighs 155 pounds.

Difference between cr80r and xr80r?

The CR80 is a 2 stroke bike that weighs 143 pounds while the XR80 is a 4 stroke bike that weighs in at 154 pounds. (Both weights are dry weight)

How can you make a 1994 Honda XR80R Dirt bike go faster and run better gust by tunning the engine with tools and not having to buying parts?

for starters, you could take out the head and port and polish it. then if you want, you can take the spark arrestor out of the exhaust pipe. less restriction. a cheap upgrade would be a k&n airfilter. you can get those for your bike for i think like 20 bucks max. the reason i know is because i have this bike. im a 14 year old kid who had to do this on my own so i could race it. after you get into it. you can put a bore kit on there. upgraded cam's, etc.

Honda XR80R carburetor tuning What happens the bike will not idle If it does run it bogs down and dies Help?

Maybe the carb just needs cleaning. Chances are the gas to air flow mixture needs adjustment. That's a hard one to explain. On one side of the carburetor there's a small screw slightly set back in a cylinder shaped casing (quarter to half inch diameter). If it's not visible and you see what seems to be metal disk covering it you have to carefully drill out that plate without going too deep where you would hit the screw. Turn the screw all the way in clockwise then turn it out counterclockwise 1.5 to 2 turns (360 degrees per turn). P.S. Slow and steady when drilling, be careful.