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What is the correct way to use a spring compression tool used to change struts?

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March 12, 2007 3:34PM

Understand, at any point you can loose a finger, or kill yourself. Other than that, no problem. Strut is out of the car. The tool for struts is two long bolts with hooks on each end. Extend the bolts as far as possible to catch the last loop of the coil spring possible. Place on each side of the spring and tighten each a bit until the spring comes away from the plate at the top of the coil. With the spring compressed remove the center nut on the strut. An air impact is the only real way to do this. Remove the top plate, remove the spring, still compressed, and change the strut. reverse the process to assemble. Make sure the ends of the springs are seated in the notch in both top and bottom plates when removing spring compressors. Loosen each a bit till loose. You CAN NOT use the compressor for older coil springs that have one bolt in the middle.