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Understand, at any point you can loose a finger, or kill yourself. Other than that, no problem. Strut is out of the car. The tool for struts is two long bolts with hooks on each end. Extend the bolts as far as possible to catch the last loop of the coil spring possible. Place on each side of the spring and tighten each a bit until the spring comes away from the plate at the top of the coil. With the spring compressed remove the center nut on the strut. An air impact is the only real way to do this. Remove the top plate, remove the spring, still compressed, and change the strut. reverse the process to assemble. Make sure the ends of the springs are seated in the notch in both top and bottom plates when removing spring compressors. Loosen each a bit till loose. You CAN NOT use the compressor for older coil springs that have one bolt in the middle.

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Q: What is the correct way to use a spring compression tool used to change struts?
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How do you change the struts on a 2002 Chevy Prizm?

You need a special strut spring compression tool. Very very difficult to do it by yourself, unless you have this tool. Getting the struts off is not too hard, putting the new strut in is the hard part.

How can yoy change Mcpherson struts, would I need a spring compressor?

You will need a spring compressor for any strut installation job.

How do you change struts on a 1993 Chevy Cavalier?

Begin by compressing the strut spring with a spring compressor. Be very careful as the strut spring will be under hundreds of pounds of pressure. Remove the strut retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new struts.

How do you replace struts on 96 olds 98 regency?

If you don't have the right tools don't attempt to change your struts. Getting the struts of is, easy but you have to have a spring compressor once you get them off also you need a workbench with a vice to remove the spring. Very Dangerous without proper tools.

How hard is it to change the rear struts on an 2000 dodge neon?

not hard at all,you will need a spring compressor

What are struts?

A strut is a rod or bar designed to resist compression.

What are all the parts to change the struts on Toyota Avalon 1998?

Strut mount, coil spring, coil spring isolator, rubber dust boot.

Change struts 1999 Kia Sportage?

Begin by compressing the 1999 Kia strut spring. Use a spring compressor and be very careful. The strut spring will be under hundreds of pounds of pressure. Remove the strut retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new struts.

What special tools are needed to change struts on a 1996 Dodge Caravan?

The only, "special" tool required, is a spring compressor, for the suspension coil spring. Some parts stores rent/loan them out. If you are replacing the factory struts with,"quick struts" (preassembled springs, struts, and mounts) you won't need this tool. If not, using quick struts. You will need a spring compressor. You can take the whole strut assembly to a repair shop and they'll remove the spring for you. Don't attempt to remove the spring yourself (without a compressor), it is under a lot of pressure, even when removed from the vehicle, and you could be injured.

What parts do you need to fix your shocks and struts on a 01 4 door civic ex?

First, get new shocks and struts...on that vehicle, not entirely sure, but probably struts in front and back, no shocks. Check for coil springs in rear. If rear springs are coil, then struts. If rear springs are leaf, then shocks. While you're at the parts store, rent or borrow a coil spring compression tool. You'll need to compress the coil springs to remove/reinstall new struts. Other than the compression tool, standard garage mechanics tools will do the job.

How do you change the struts of a 1994 Geo Prizm?

The struts are surrounded by a large coil string which is under very high compression. If you do not have the proper tools and remove it improperly you risk serious injury. You should consider having this done by a professional.

What is a tie and strut?

A tie is a support that does its work by resisting tension forces. A strut is a support that resists compression forces, struts do NOT have to be vertical.Ties put tension on the object, while Struts put compression. Example: A balcony.

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