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What is the creamy colored fluid coming from the coolant tank?

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if it is a creamy color coming from a radiator look in the oil by looking at the inside bottom of the cap,if it is creamy too,then you have a blown head gasket. that creamy color is water and oil mixed oil mixed in with the water, you got a blown gasket

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What is the creamy colored fluid coming from the coolant tank of a 1992 Honda Accord Lx?

if it is a creamy color coming from a radiator look in the oil by looking at the inside bottom of the cap,if it is creamy too,then you have a blown head gasket. that creamy color is water and oil mixed here is a better answer if the coolant in tank is creamy you have water getting in oil you could have a blown head gasket, a cracked block or a cracked head all vehicles will get some creamy looking stuff on radiator cap as this is caused by condensation as there is moisture in every thing also check to see if oil level in engine is higher that waht it thould be that is a really good indication of water adding and mixing with the oil

What type of oil coolant and transmission fluid goes in a 1996 Dodge Stratus?

5w30 oil, "Green" colored coolant, "Dexron plus three" trans fluid and gasolne

Why does creamy fluid overflow from the coolant box in a car although the engine still runs but loses oil rapidly?

Oil or trans fluid is getting in the coolant system. Have it checked out now. You can ruin lots of things by driving it.

If Transmission fluid is milky colored?

Could be a bad radiator allowing engine coolant to circulate in transmission Change fluid and filter Run engine to normal operating temperature - pull transmission dipstick and allow a drop of fluid to drop on a hot engine part - oil will smoke and coolant will sizzle If coolant present - replace radiator also Hopefully not too late

Why there is no fluid coming from the radiator to the thermostat hosing?

The coolant is pumped from the thermostat housing into the top of the radiator but not until the thermostat opens.

Is sunscreen a fluid?

Yes, most sunscreens are oil or thick creamy lotion and both are fluid.

Is transmission fluid the same as coolant?

No. Transmission fluid lubricates the transmission. Coolant is used by the radiator to cool the engine.

96 ford mustang that is leaking coolant were the oil pan and front of the motor come together It already has new manifold no coolant in the oil Where is fluid coming from?

Check the water pump. Examine it for traces of dried coolant that might be leaking out of the casting.

Is creamy fluid secrition from vagina dangerous for women health?

No it is normal.

Is coolant fluid supposed to come out when you change the coolant temperature sensor?

this is normal,because the coolant temp sensor is supposed to be in direct contact with the cooling fluid in order to read its temperature

What if your reservior cap is severly cracked fluid is coming out and your car is running hot will the cracked cap make the car run hot?

well, if by fluid u mean coolant than yes. If coolant is leaking, there wont be anything to cool the engine temperature. Replace the cap, there very cheap.

What is floor leak front drivers side on 1989 Olds Cutlass Ciera brake fluid or coolant?

This is an easy one... Is the fluid green? if it is, it's coolant.. if not, its brake fluid.

Coolant leak from transmission Honda?

Coolant should not be leaking from your transmission the only fluid in your transmission is transmission fluid. A faulty transmission seal can allow transmission fluid to leak out.

How do you get windshied washer fluid out of the coolant reservoir?

Remove the coolant reservoir, flush it out, reinstall it and refill with proper coolant.

What would make coolant pour from a weep hole?

A failed seal. For example if the fluid is coming from the water pump weep hole, the water pump has failed.

What if you put coolant in brake fluid tank?

THe fluid will need flushed and changed.

Why does your 1992 Honda Civic have white smoke and fluid coming out of the muffler?

Your headgasket is bad, coolant is getting into the combustion chamber, hence the thick white smoke and fluid. had that happen to my dads thunderbird a few years ago

What is the white creamy stuff that comes out after sex?

That is the fluid preduced by the testicals to carry sperm.

My 1990 Nissan maxima will not shift out of first and will not go into reverse plus the fluid looks like milk?

The transmission fluid cooled by routing it through the radiator. The fluid probably is a milky color because the radiator had failed internally allowing the coolant and transmission fluid to mix. Check the coolant and if looks milky change the radiator, coolant, and transmission fluid.

What would cause the coolant and transmission fluid to combine and be visible in the overflow for coolant?

broken radiator

What does antifreeze do to the car in the winter?

Antifreeze keeps your coolant from freezing. It keeps your coolant more "fluid".

Fluids you put in the car?

Oil, Antifreeze, Power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant...

How could water get in to transmission of 1998 dodge ram 2500 quad?

Check your radiator for signs of transmission fluid ( you will know as soon as you open the radiator cap) oily, creamy, gunky buildup. The transmission cooler is built into the radiator core and it is common for this to leak allowing coolant into the transmission and transmission fluid into the cooling system.

What does fluid that appears to be engine coolant coming from the muffler indicate?

HeyHoward==If it is coolant the engine will overheat quickly and the engine will smoke white smoke. The head gaskets will need replaced. It can be normal condensation if it is pretty clear water. Good luck, Joe

Why is smoke coming off your engine?

The engine obviously has some sort of contaminant on it. Such as engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid or possibly transmission fluid. Engine coolant will not smoke but will produce steam if it comes into contact with the engine. Track down where the smoke seems to be coming from and look for fluid residue in that area. I guess it is possible that you could also have a crack or break in the exhaust manifold near the engine.

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