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Although the stats below are given, in the millennium the average age expectancy for U.S. is 76.8 and Canadians 80.1 due to weight issues. The U.S. is the highest regarding over-weight people, and Canada is now running a close 2nd, but the Canadian Government is taking strides in getting citizens to sit up and take notice before they become a drain on Health Care. Whether the fact remains that the Canadian Government cares isn't relevant, but over-weight people are getting worse (eating more, exercising less) and it's mainly due to stress. Diabetes and Heart disease have doubled in both the U.S. and Canada. Who will live the longest? Japan - 90.91 years France - 87.81 Canada - 85.26 UK - 83.79 Germany - 83.12 US - 82.91

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Q: What is the current average life expectancy?
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