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  • Success means an event that accomplishes its intended purpose, such as "We achieved success in the election."
  • It can mean a state of prosperity or fame, such as "He is enjoying his success."
  • Success can also mean a person who achieves, such as "If you want to be a success, you must work hard."
  • Success is having a stable life both medically and financially.
  • It not an easy question to answer because I really ask my self the same question - only you know what it mean.
  • I was asking myself the same question today. The dictionary definition is "a desired outcome." So that begs the question, "what do I want?" And, "have I been successful in achieving it?" When thinking of the question "What is success?", I guess I think of it in terms of my life. Is my life a success? In order to determine that, I have to consider what it is I value in life. I value friendship. How am I doing with my friendships in my life right now? Well, not so great. I sometimes feel as if I have no one to turn to with particular problems in my life, and no one to share experiences with. What else do I value? I value leisure time. Have I been successful in making the most out of my free time? I would have to say no, lately I've been pissing it away playing Video Games and isolating. I value being creative. Have I been doing that? Not so much, or not as much as I'd like. I value honesty, keeping my word. I have been struggling with that recently. In this way I define success for myself. Perhaps this quotation might supply the answer: "Madonna had fame but Mother Teresa had success".

Perhaps this definision might supply the answer Madonna had fame but Mother Teresa had success.
success is achieving a personal or group goal previously set.

success is as stated above but as long as it is not detracting

from or diminishing any other person's enjoyment of the planet
Success is achieving set and defined goals and standards These goals and standards will vary according to an individuals but are often associated with wealth and power.

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Q: What is the definition of success?
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Is there a general definition of success and if so what is it?

The general definition of success is God, Family, and true friends.

Definition of success breed success?

Success motivates to someone internally in effect this motivation lead to further success.

Where did beatles become famous?

In the US, in 1964. Success in the US is the definition of success, so 1964 will do.

What is the definition of bankable?

Certain to bring profit and success.

What is the definition of triumph?

A significant success or noteworthy achievment

What is your definition of success?

What one's definition of success is will vary from person to person. For some people it may be a job with a high ranking title, for others it might be making a lot of money, while others may define success as being happy.

Definition of pivotal?

The definition of the word pivotal is "of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else."

Who is the most successful marine biologist?

It would depend on your definition of success

How would you define success?

Success is not happiness, happiness is success. This is the simple effective definition of success. Most people think success or achievement is accumulating more money, name, fame, power, wealth but all these are meant for just one thing - to be happy. But unfortunately, it's a paradox that man is never satisfied. The more successful you are, your needs become your greed and enough is not enough. Therefore success is not happiness, but happiness is success. The moment you are happy, you are already successful. So this is a simple definition - success is actually transcending your needs, fulfilling your greed, and living with contentment and fulfilment. Ultimate success is enlightenment.

Definition of teaching aptitude in English?

teaching aptitude means probability of success in teaching.

What is the definition of antithesis?

Basically "antithesis" means "the exact opposite". The antithesis of success is failure.

What does success mean to youhow do you measure it?

People must set their own definition of success. There is no wrong answer but during an interview display confidence that you set high standards for yourself. Measure success by a feeling of personal achievement.

What schooling is needed to be successful?

None, but that might also require a better definition of personal success.

What is the definition of a stroke?

Medications, such as antipsychotics and neuroleptics, have been used to treat stuttering with limited success.

Definition of failure is the stepping stone of success?

no one ha achieved success without failing few times along their life .it gives us an aim to get suceeded.

What is the definition of achievement motivation in sports?

achivement motivation is seen as a personality factor and describes our presistance in striving for success

How do you write a sentence on the word jubilant?

The definition of "jubilant" is "triumphantly joyful: feeling or expressing great delight over a success, achievement, or victory." Used in a sentence: She was jubilant over her success in achieving her goal.

What is the definition of ambitious?

Eager or motivated by ambitionAnswerHaving a strong desire for success desire of power, fame, honor; object of that desire

What is the secret behind the success of the t.v. show The Simpsons?

depends on an individuals definition of success. Is it acquiring a fortune, love, contentment with what one has, career goals and objectives, position, power, etc? First you must find your...

What is the definition of Academic Success?

Academic success to me means achieving the targets I have set for myself, against the set standards for whatever task I am engaged in In a specific task like a test, it would mean attaining a mark that is above average

What is the definition for kinship links?

Types of push factors or pull factors that influence a migrant's decision to go where family or friends have already found success.

Specific adjectives of success?

smashing success, roaring success, huge success, overwhelming success

Definition of success?

Success is the discipline to continually pursue an ideal without giving up. Those who are unsuccessful are that way because they gave up too soon. No matter how long it takes one must be motivated and inspired to keep working toward his or her goal. Because only when in action can one succeed. No success comes from inaction.

What is the definition of selective pressure?

selective pressure means: any cause that reduces reproductive success in a proportion of a population, potentially exerts evolutionary pressure or selection...

What is the difference between success at and success in?

Success at means the goal. Success in means the result.