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What is the definition of taluk?

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Taluk is a sub-division of a district in South Asia

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What is Taluk Thiam's population?

The population of Taluk Thiam is 4,662.

Which is the largest taluk of kerala state?

ThaliparambaLargest Taluk in kerala is Eranad

How many taluk in kanyakumari district?

Four taluk in kanyakumarai district vilavancode kalkulam aghesdeswaram thovalai

How many taluk in tamilnadu?


How many taluk are in karnataka?


What is the smallest taluk in kerala?


Which is the largest taluk in karnataka?


Which is small block and taluk of Tamil nadu?

Sengottai (shencottah) Taluk and sengottai block is the smallest in tamilnadu state of Tirunelveli district

Where is katharaghatta in krpet taluk?

katharaghatta is a village in K.R.PET Taluk-mandya district, karnataka state it is 4km from K.R.PET City towards Akkihebbalu

Which is the largest taluk in kerala?

Eranad, Malapuram

How many taluk in India?

Forty thousand

List of taluk offices in Tamil Nadu?


Which is the highest populated taluk of kerala?


What is the population of Siddapura taluk?

Siddapura taluk's population is 40,000.

What is Taluk Account No8A of the Land Survey Department of Tamilnadu?


Name of tahsildar for coimbatore north and south taluk?

Mr. Murugan

Can you tell the taluk wise population in Tamil Nadu?

bodinayakanur population

Which is the second highest populated taluk among all the districts of karnataka?


How does Chembakolli look like in India?

Chembakolli is a village in Gudalur Taluk, India. It is mainly farmland with tea being their biggest crop but there are a lot of trees as well. Chembakolli now has a school and hospital that are located in Gudalur Taluk.

Which is the most populated village in India?

Its uliyazhuthura. this village is under thiruvananthapuram taluk in kerala

Can you tell the taluk wise population in villupuram district?

birth rate in villupuram District

When was Vangara born?

Vangara was born on November 24, 1897, in Ongole Taluk, India.

What is Gangavalli in Tamil language?

Hi, Ganagavalli is name of a small town or bigger village, which is located in Salem district, Attur Taluk, Tamilnadu (Pin Code 636105). Now this is upgraded as Gangavalli- taluk. As such there is no Tamil word called Gangavalli.

What has the author B H Govinda Goudar written?

B. H. Govinda Goudar has written: 'Groundwater development in Bagewadi Taluk, Bijapur District' -- subject(s): Groundwater, Water-supply 'Groundwater availability and utilisation in Mudhol Taluk, Bijapur District'

What has the author G D Byralingaiah written?

G. D. Byralingaiah has written: 'Report on the manganese leased blocks in Kumaraswamy Range, Sandur Taluk, Bellary District, Mysore State' -- subject(s): Manganese mines and mining 'Groundwater resources of Sirsi Taluk, North Kanara District' 'Report on the iron ore deposits of the Kumaraswamy range, Sandur Taluk, Bellary District' -- subject(s): Iron ores

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