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Germany is a democratic and peaceful country, and enjoys good or excellent relations with all its neighbours. It is also an active and respected member of the European Union and co-operates well with other European countries. It has NO ambition to expand. Many surveys of public opinion over many decades have consistently shown that about half the voters would like to opt out of international politics as far as possible and would like Germany to become 'a second Switzerland'. Joncey

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What is the difference between World War 2 and Canada today?

About 60 years?

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The most obvious difference is that in 1962, Germany was not a single country, but East Germany (communist) and West Germany (capitalist).

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Go away

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World War 1 (1914-1918) ceased to affect Germany a long time ago. A lot has happened to Germany since WW1.

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There is no soccer match between Brazil versus Italy that will be aired on TV today. The Germany national football team won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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probably so.

What is the biggest difference between colonial children and children today?


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hi how are you doing today

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Differences between parliament today and in 1295;

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its just totally ruined.

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Yes it is.. They just lost today against Germany ....

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Obama has more members/secretaries because of the demands that need to be met in our world today.

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The Philippines is not nearly as industrialized. The economy is unstable.

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There were more glaciers and a colder climate.