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The biggest difference is Peace dollars exist and Liberty dollars don't. A very common mistake non-collectors or amateurs make with US silver dollars is they think because the word LIBERTY is on the obverse of a Peace dollar (or other coins) it's called a liberty dollar. No US coin is referred to as just a "Liberty" coin. Also this comes up with Morgan dollars, but with the national motto E PLURIBUS UNUM because it's on the front of the coin.

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There is no difference. They are the same coin but many people refer to them as "Liberty Dollars".

Aside from the minor differences in design, the greatest difference between the US Trade Dollar and the Seated Liberty Dollar is the weight. The Liberty Seated Dollar weighs 26.73 grams while the US Trade Dollar weighs 27.22 grams. Both contained 90% silver and 10% copper altthough the Trade Dollar had slightly more silver in it. The Trade Dollar was issued primarily for circulation in the Orient while the Seated Liberty Dollar was issued for circulation in the USA.

First, no US coin of any type is referred to as a "Lady Liberty coin", but the symbolic portrait of Lady Liberty is on most older US coins such as the Morgan Dollar series. So the Morgan and the lady liberty are the same coin.

The 1935 Liberty silver dollar is also known as the peace silver dollar. The value od a circulated 1935 liberty silver dollar is approximately $36 depending upon condition.

1892 Liberty silver dollar mint mark in on the reverse just above and between the D and O in Dollar at the bottom of the coin. Mine is marked with an S.

The value of coins and bills can vary greatly depending on condition and stamping. A 1995 liberty silver dollar can be worth between $20 and $100.

A real silver dollar has "Miss Liberty" on it.

Other than size, appearance, and monetary value... not much. If both were minted pre 1965, then they are both 90% silver. Both underwent a few different styles. For the silver dollar, there were Liberty, Morgan, and Peace designs. Dimes were Liberty, Barber, Mercury and Roosevelt.

The coin is not a silver liberty dollar. It's a 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar coin and has no silver in it and the value is one dollar.

It is not a "liberty" dollar, it is a Susan B. Anthony dollar. It is not silver,, has never been made out of silver, and is only worth $1. They are in common circulation.

The face of Lady Liberty is on the 1882 silver dollar.

What is the worth of the 2005 Walking Liberty silver uncirculated?

Money can have various values based on condition and certain stamping. An 1885 Morgan Liberty Head silver dollar can be worth between $20 and $400.

Other than the fact that a 1979 SBA dollar coin is about the size of a quarter, a Liberty Lobby coin is a large 1 ounce silver round with the LL logo on the reverse.

Assuming you are referring to an 1886 Morgan Silver dollar the answer is no. But their is a 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial silver dollar.

A 1936 Walking Liberty half dollar has .36169oz of silver.

No such coin as a "Liberty Silver Dollar" exists. All U.S. one dollar coins From 1794 to 2012 have the word LIBERTY on them. Please post a new question with the date on the coin.

No, but there are "Walking Liberty" American Silver Eagle coins.

A Walking Liberty half dollar has .36169oz of silver.

The 1986 Statue of Liberty silver dollar contains 0.77 ounce of silver. Multiply the value of an ounce of silver by .77 and you will get an approximate value of the silver dollar. (At a silver price of $24.60, the coin would be worth about $18.94)

what is the 1983 liberty lobby, one silver eagle worth

The 1923 Peace Dollar contains 90% silver and 10% copper.

Are you sure this is a 1924 standing liberty silver dollar? All my resources tell me there were no standing liberty silver dollars minted in 1924. The peace silver dollar was the coin minted in 1924. There were no standing Liberty dollars. The quarter issued from 1916 to 1930 bears the standing Liberty design, and the half issued from 1916 to 1947 bears the walking Liberty design. No, there is no running Liberty design, LOL!

With the date of 1980 the coin is a Susan B. Anthony Dollar, not a liberty dollar and none contain any silver and most all are face value.