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What is the difference between enumrerated datatype and typedef?

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September 29, 2005 12:49PM

Its very Simple that using Enumerated data type you are making special integers that flow within range, While a typedef is redefining data type with new name. Example: like defining enum Days{sun,mon,tue.....} makes an integer definition that can have 0-7 values So if u do following: Days x=sun; or Days x=0; then x=x+2; is 2 or tue and x=x+7; is 0 or sun again... Means its modulo 7 data type ................. While doing this: typedef Days WeekDays; renames Days as WeekDays Similary typedef int NUMBER; renames int as NUMBER .But wait it is one more name for the data type.. So simply enum creates a numeral modular datatype with a range while typedef creates another name for it. Rupesh K Joshi