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What is the difference between the Pontiac Firebird and the Pontiac Trans AM?


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It's trim level. There are three trim levels for the Pontiac Firebird.

Firebird (base)
Firebird Formula
Firebird Trans Am

Firebird GTA (Third Generation Only) (it's to the Trans Am as the IROC-Z is to the Z28)

Generally, the higher trim levels offer more goodies and more power than lower trim levels.

The second generation also had the Firebird Esprit.

The Trans Am model included a stiffer suspension, larger engine (some years), and distinctive graphics.

The Trans Am is a Firebird. It's an upgrade option. Usually includes upgrades including engine, suspension, body...(spoilers) etc.
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The Trans Am was the performance version of the Firebird.

The Pontiac Firebird was produced between 1967 and 2002. The car went through 4 generations in it's life time and was also related to the Firebird Trans Am.

A Trans Am is a package on a Firebird.

A Pontiac Firebird not a Trans-Am

The Trans Am was a special type of Pontiac Firebird, which was invented by General Motors. The first Trans Am was made in 1969.

My 1994 Trans Am does, it will go up to 110. I found out that the top speed of a 1994 Firebird or Trans Am is 156 mph.

The check gages light on the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am means to check temperature, low oil possibly, water. These are to be kept maintained for the car to run properly.

All 1993 Pontiac Trans Ams were made with the LT1 engine.

Badging and appearance items mainly but, the ws6 handling and performance package was also only available as a TransAm.

NO! the Montana is a front wheel drive minivan and the firebird is a rear wheel drive, even if they were both rear wheel drive for some reason, the firebird engine would shred the wimpy minivan trans and it would be just wrong to put a minivan trans in a firebird.

well you can change the entire rear hatch with that of a trans am's but I dont think it would be worth the the money to convert the car into a trans am style car.

the trans am is a performance package on the firebird originally equipped with larger more powerful engine choices as well as functional hood and fender vents. The trans am was given its name in honor of the trans am race series of the time although it was initially banned from the race on accont of having to large of an engine.

I have the problem (i think) in my 1993 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM.

Push button AM/Fm Delco. Might have a cassette player.

I have not found anything that would indicate they they are interchangable

Anything can be done with enough work. However after 1981, f bodies had chevy engines rather than the Pontiac. The Chevy trans will not bolt to the Pontiac block willingly.

chiltons of course!! If you want a FREE ONE goto www.autozone.com

The Trans Am was introduced March in 1969, and was called Trans Am after the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Trans-American Challenge Cup in which Pontiac wanted to compete. Pontiac originally wanted their top-end Firebird to be called the Sebring, but as it turned out, Chrysler trademarked the name first. On a side note, General Motors paid the SCCA $5 for every Trans Am sold.

No there is not nor will be a 2010 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am built by GM. However there are some custom built Chevy Camaros that have been made to look like what these customizers would want a Firebird to look like if they did build it. It is not to be. Pontiac is dead and IMO will never rise again. I have never seen one model that was ever discontinued come back from the dead.

check the Pontiac dealership and order a pair for a trans am if all other types won't fit.

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