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(220 + your age) ×.55 = beats per minute

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Subtract your age by 220. That is your max heart rate. Target range is 55%-85% of that number.

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Q: What is the formula for finding your target heart rate?
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What is the definition Target heart rate range?

Using the maximum heart rate formula, ( for apex)

Which is not a step necessary to calculate your target heart rate range?

finding your heart rate recovery time - apex:)

Wh8ich of the following is not a step necessary to calculate your target heart rate range?

finding your heart rate recovery time

Is there a heart rate calculator for running?

I think what you are looking for is a heart rate MONITOR. You calculate what your target heart rate should be using a formula then the monitor helps you keep track of your heart rate.

Does your Target heart rate depend on your age?

Yes... use this "formula" 220-your age = predicted maximum heart rate

What is the correct definition for target heart rate range?

An ideal range to aim for when exercising, calculated using the maximum heart rate formula

What is max heart rate for 74 year old male?

220 - age gives you your target heart rate.

How are the lower and upper limits of your target heart ratye range defined?

Ranging from 50% to 90% of your maximum heart rate.

If cardiac muscle get stronger what will happen with heart rate?

If your heart gets stronger:Your resting heart rate will go downYour target heart rate for exercise will go upIt will be harder to raise your heart rate to the target heart rate

Target heart rate for 37 year old woman weighing 140 pounds?

For a woman take the #226 and subtract your age. then figure 80% of that for an aerobic target heart rate. subtracting your age from the #226 gives your maximun heart rate when training your target heart rate will depend on what your work out goal is.

How can you improve your cardiovascular fitness?

look up "sprint training" it has done wonders for me

How do you figure out your fat burning zone?

Your fat burning zone is also called your target heart rate. To find this, there is a certain formula you must follow. This website will help you find your target heart rate.