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20:1 is what Honda states

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Q: What is the fuel mixture for 1980 fl250 Honda odyssey ATV?
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How do you tell the year of a Honda FL250?

This ATV called Honda Odyssey was in production between 1977 and 1984. The 1977 to 1979 models did not have a roll cage - making them more dangerous in case of turnovers - but a roll bar located behind the driver's seat; they also have a separate front bumper. In 1980 the FL250 was changed as the headlight was moved to a higher point on the roll cage from the front crash bar. In 1981 this ATV was again changed so it had a full roll cage, a CDI ignition system and an air filter located in a box on top of the roll cage. This made it more difficult for water and dirt to enter the air cleaner element. You can identify your vehicle from these descriptions. The engine is a two-stroke 248 cc. The 250 FL Odyssey was replaced in 1985 by a type called the FL350. This model has a more powerful 329cc two-stroke stroke engine.

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When was Honda Quint created?

Honda Quint was created in 1980.

Will a 1980 Honda express rear rim fit on a 1981 Honda express?

Yes, it does.

Does a 92 Honda 300 fourtrax have points?

No points were replaced by CDI by Honda around 1980.

Does a 1973 Honda CB900 Exist?

No, a 1973 Honda CB900 does not exist. The Honda CB900 motorcycles were only produced in the years of 1980 to 1982.

How fast is 1980 Honda XR 80?

45 mph.

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