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It keeps the spider gears spread apart , to mesh to the Differential output shaft gears ( 2) , one on each side of of the spider gear set , inside the Differential Housing .

What I was trying to find was a Modification to a Traxxas Rustler / Nitro Sport Diff ,

that you took a longer pin and cut it just a small bit longer , which in turn , is suppose

to force the spider gear teeth ( further ) into the Diff output shaft , gear teeth , for better tooth contact area , hence .... less gear tooth breakage .....maybe last longer also.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-05 19:09:34
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Q: What is the funchion of a spider gear pin in a differential?
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How do you replace the rear wheel seal on a 1992 Chevy blazer?

You have to open the differential and remove the retaining pin from the spider gear to remove the axle shaft.

How do you replace the rear wheel bearing seal on a GMC Sonoma?

Lift and support rear of vehicle. Remove rear tires and brake drums or rotors. Remove back cover on differential. Rotate ring gear and locate locking bolt that keeps spider gear pin in place and remove it. Remove spider gear pin. Push in on the axle to remove "C" clip. Remove axle, Remove seal. Reverse order for installation. Replenish rear diff with proper gear lube.

How much play should there be in the spider gears of the rear differential?

Some play is normal but the pin that holds them in place should be snug in the housing.

How do you remove the spider gear pin in rear axle on 1992 Chevy Tahoe Z71?

remove the inspection plate. rotate the ring gear until you see the head of a small bolt. remove the bolt. the pin will fall out

Does a 1994 Suzuki 250 Quadrunner 4x4 have 3-way locking differential?

Yes. I own a 1993. Stock they have a locking diff that only works in super low, but if you remove a pin from the 2wd/4wd gear selector they have a locking differential in every gear of the subtransmission

How do you change the spider assembly on a 1997 Chevy Suburban?

If you have a locking rear differential and are not a professional, don't do it without first reading the GM service procedure as provided by SI. I believe all 97 suburbans use a locking rear differential. This requires a minimum of three hours. If it's an open diff: Pop the cap off, then rotate the carrier until the bolt is visible. Remove the bolt, then the pin. Hold the driveshaft still and rotate one rear wheel until a spider gear pops out. Reverse direction of rotation to pop out the other spider gear. We're talking about rear differential parts and not front, right? Or is this something to do with a central sequential fuel injection setup?

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How do you remove the spider gears from the rear end of a 1975 Chevy Blazer?

After U remove the cover-TURN the pinion gear assembly UNTIL U C A 5/16 inch bolt head--IT"S a PIN that goes through the gear housing 2 HOLD the retaining pin in place.Make sure the curved washers BEHIND the gears are put back in-they fall out easilyU have 2 turn the gear Housing until U can slide the bolt?Pin past the CAP Bolts.

How do you remove spider gears on 1998 Chevy Z71?

First remove rear cover then remove cross pin bolt. Once bolt is removed then slide out cross pin. After cross pin is removed then use your fingers and spin the spider gears out.

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