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What is the grinding noise you hear in your car when you first take off?


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I had the same problem with my '93 Mercury Tracer. If you look under the hood, you should see the catalytic converter at the bottom, on top of that is a heat shield thing, just simple bend that back a bit, and it should fix the "Griding noise." At least, that's what I did to fix my problem.

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Depends on the kind of grinding. The brakes may have been messed with, so you'll getting a constant grinding noise. If the noise is audible when you first turn the vehicle on and it not in motion, then you have other problems. If you only hear it while the vehicle is in motion, then you should take it back to the shop where you got your tires replaced.

The clutch bearing or " throw out" bearing is going bad and will need to be replaced, take this opportunity to change the clutch as well.

That is the sound of metal on metal. I suggest you immediately take your car to a mechanic and have the brake pads replaced before you cause too much damage to the discs.

If a car is making a grinding noise in the right back wheel, it could be a sign that a wheel bearing is failing. It is necessary to take the car to a qualified mechanic for repair.

The grinding noise in the front of a 1990 Dodge Caravan could be a cv joint. If it is, it probably only grinds when you take a sharp turn. There is one located on each side.

You at least need to take care of the brakes right away. The grinding probably means that the disk brake pad(s) are worn. The irregular braking action is caused by a warped rotor. The brake job will include resurfacing or replacing the rotor and should eliminate the problem. As for the turbin-like noise, I'd have to hear it.

You may have a wheel bearing going bad or a brake dragging. Take it to a mechanic. I have found that if I can't identify something better than a "grinding noise" I had better let a mechanic look at it.

You need to take it to the garage and take the mechanic or shio foreman for a ride and show him what you are talking about. Make sure he hears the noise and knows what you want.

If the transmission is slipping on take off, but there is plenty of fluid, the gears may be frozen up. This can also make a grinding noise upon acceleration.

water pumps don't normally give signs of failing. what happens is the bearings give out. you can take the belt off and spin the pulley, if you hear a grinding noise or it won't turn, you might have a bad pump.

Take off the bottom panel and check the motor coupling. I've had the same problem.

Is there a grinding sound too? You may need new breaks. Take them to someone who knows about this stuff before they fail.

this happened to me and i found out that the grinding noise was the spindle seized up , the thing is pressed in so you have to buy a whole new bracket to replace it your self,i got one at the junk yard for 30-dollars will have to take the whole strut out in order to change it..very easy ..

Take cover in a basement or the center part of you house immediately.

Answer The sound you hear could be a Wheel Berring and if I were you the first chance you get I'd take the car into a garage for a check up. Today we tend to drive fast, the last thing you want to happen is to have a wheel fall off and that could happen if the problem you have is a bad wheel berring.

More than likely the bearing is bad. Take it out and see if it is hard to turn. If so, the bearings are bad and you will need to replace the distributor.

Usually you won't hear much more noise from a tire if it's not balanced, but you will feel a vibration when you get up to highway speeds. If you take it up to 60 or 70 mph and feel a vibration, you probably need to get them balanced.

Remove the serpentine belt (make note of the routing, maybe even take a picture) then spin the water pump to see if any grinding noise comes from there. The idler pulleys and alternator are far more common for making that noise. All bearings should be turning smoothly when you turn them by hand. Any irregular resistance or even the slightest noise while you're turning it by hand will be converted to loud noise while the engine is running.

You should take it back to the shop that replaced them and ask. It's possible that something is hung up somewhere that's causing the noise.

Get a tune up....the popping noise is caused by excess fuel being burned in the exhaust system,you cant hear it until you take your foot off the gas and the back pressure is reduced...

You can't hear your own loud snoring. If you really want to hear, take help from someone in your family or a close friend. They can record the loud noise that your produce during sleep called snoring.

It might be your tie rods. Jack up the car and take off the front tires. The tie rod ends are located on the back of the hub assembly and shock housing. The inner tie rods are connected directly to the outer ends. Look at the rubber bushings on the ends to see if they are worn. Pull on the inner rod and outer end. Now, there will be subtle movement as the rod end rotates on the ball, but should still be firm. If there is too much movement or you hear a clanging or grinding noise, then your inner tie rods are the culprit and need replaced.

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