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take it out before you bust the fly wheel

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Q: What do you do when a the starter is installed but makes a grinding noise?
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What is the gear grinding sound your starter makes only during the instant the engine fires?

The noise is the teeth on the flywheel grinding on the teeth of the starter. Check to see if the starter is loose, this is the most common cause of that noise.

What makes your car make a grinding noise instead of starting?

starter not engaging flywheel properly. Replace starter, Checking for damage to flywheel while starter is removed.

When car starts but makes a grinding noise and is not getting gas?

If your Gas tank is not empty, you may have a problem with your starter.

Why 1995 GMC jimmy Starter makes grinding noise?

Sounds like the starter is "dragging" - happens when the bushings are worn. Can be overhauled if you are mechanicaly inclined, otherwise replace the starter.

What makes a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel?

A defective CV joint will make a grinding noise when you turn the steering will. A bad strut can also cause a grinding noise.

What will the starter do if you need shims?

The starter drive gear will be too close to the flywheel, causing a grinding noise when the starter is engaged.

Your 98 Mazda Millenia makes a grinding type noise when you start it why?

If the grinding noise is heard only when starting the car, the problem is probably worn bushings. When the bushings wear out, the armature inside the starter will "sag" and grind against the inside of the starter as it spins, causing the grinding noise you hear. This condition is called "starter drag". Eventually, as the bushings keep wearing, the armature will not spin at all. If you are mechanically inclined, you can purchase a starter kit and do the repairs yourself. If not, it would be wise to replace the starter before you become stranded somewhere.

Will a bad starter cause a grinding noise before going out?

A bad starter might make a noise. The starter could also go bad with no noise or warning. However if the starter is making noise then there is a problem that could cause failure at any time

If my PlayStation makes a grinding noise, do I need to get it fixed?

If your PlayStation makes a grinding noise, it's best if you give it up for lost and purchase a new one.

Starter makes grinding noise after engine is warm but if the remote start is used there is no noise is this due to a relay through the ignition switch?

The starter should only be making noise if you attempt to start the car and the starter is going bad. It is possible that the remote starter is bypassing the mechanical starter. Starters are very easy to replace. Be sure to disconnect the car battery before doing so.

Makes grinding noise if it is in park?

It is a 2002 Honda civic

What would make a grinding noise when starting the engine?

The starter could grind if the bendix is sticking

What would cause an intermittent grinding noise from the starter when the car is idling and when changing gears?

if it is in fact the starter, it is probably engaging the flywheel. starter may be faulty.

Your ford explorer makes a grinding noise from the rear when you drive?

The rear of a Ford Explorer may have a grinding noise when driving, because the muffler may have came loose. The u joint may also be loose and cause a grinding noise.

What if your car does not start it cranks but does not turn over and it makes a grinding noise?

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What does it mean if a car makes a grinding noise from the wheel?

your brake pads are probley wore out so its grinding on your rotor

What could it be Loud grinding clunky noise when starting?

Defective starter, or a problem with the flywheel. You need to check the starter and then remove it and check the flywheel.

Why does your car make a grinding noise when you turn the key but stops after it is running?

sounds like the starter is "grinding" on the flywheel teeth. Could just need a shim or two. Or the starter teeth may be getting worn.

New alternatornew solenoidand new batterybut having grinding noise near starter what is the noise?

The grinding noise you hear may be due to worn bushings on the starter. When the bushings wear, the armature will "drop" and grind against the inner part of the starter, causing it to rotate slowly and not spin fast enough to start the engine. Remove the starter and have it checked out at your local AutoZone or similar auto parts store. If the bushings are worn, it is likely that the armature and internal wall of the starter may be also be damaged and the whole starter will have to be replaced.

Why does my car Have power but starter makes no noise?

Dirty or loose connections or a bad starter.

Why a 1972 mustang fastback with a 351 Cleveland been having trouble getting the engine to turn over when the key turns something in the starting system makes a grinding noise what could be wrong?

The grinding noise you hear is probably coming from your starter. When the bushings wear out, the armature "drops" against the casing, making it difficult to spin without "grinding" on it. Starters can be rebuilt if you are mechanically inclined - you can buy a "starter overhaul" kit at almost any auto parts store. Before you buy a kit, remove the starter and inspect it - it might be too far gone from the grinding to overhaul. If that's the case, you will need to buy a new or rebuilt starter.

Why does your lawnmower make a grinding noise when you start it?

If the mower has an electric starter, the gear on the starter is worn. Replacement is not hard and the part (a plastic gear) is relatively inexpensive.

What if you accidentally turned the key to the right while the car was already started?

It makes a horrible grinding noise as the starter motor turns over, but doesn't do any damage (well I hope it doesn't).

What makes grinding noise when turning?

not sure sound like it comes from front suspension

What is wrong with your Crown Victoria it wont start?

see if it will turn over if there is no grinding noise then u need a new starter