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Pattern is 7 3 2 6 10 8 4 1 5 9 First tour, go 30nm; second tour finish with 60nm.

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Q: What is the head bolt tightening sequence and torque for a 1987 Honda Civic 1.5 ltr 4-cylinder?
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What is the tightening torque for a Honda civic crown wheel to the differential?

90 N

What are the head torque specs and torque sequence on a 1995 Honda Civic?

what is the engine code??

What is the head bolt torque and sequence on a 1990 Honde Civic DX with a 1.5 liter engine?

Tightening torques Cylinder head Honda Civic 1.5 1988-91 Stage 1 Tighten: 30 NM Stage 1 Tighten: 68 NM

What is the rocker arm torque and torque sequence for a 1990 Honda Civic DX hatchback 1.5 liter?

The rocker torque sequence is 10 6 3 9 15 11 4 1 7 13 16 12 5 2 8 14 THE TORQUE IS 16FT/LB BUT ONLY 9FT/LB FOR THE LITTLE ONES AT THE DISTRIBUTOR

2008 Honda civic ex lug nut torque?

80 foot pounds. All current Hondas are 80 ft/lbs.

Torque sequence cylinder head bolts 94 Honda civic 1.5?

22lbs on the first pass and then 47lbs on the second pass ...good to go

What is the proper lug nut torque for 96-97 Honda civic hx alloy 8 spoke wheels?

It depends on the number of lugs per wheel your car has. Some cars have up to 5 lugs. Measure the torque by tightening with a wrench.

What are the cylinder head torque specs for a 2003 Honda Civic vtech d17a2?

torque head ingine honda civic 03

What is the proper lug nut torque for a 2008 Honda Civic EX?

2008 Honda Civic lug nut torque specs are rated at 80 foot pounds. Improper torque set on a Civic can lead to the bolts seizing.

What are the head torque specs on a 1988 Honda civic dx and the sequence?

haynes repair manual. 15 dollars at auto zone or advance. everything you need to know.

What are the torque specs for 1.6 civic connecting rods?

what r the torque specs on the plate covering connecting rods on a 2000 honda civic 1.6?

Torque on 95 Honda civic valve cover?

The torque should be 7ft-lbs.

Civic 1.7l cylider head bolt torque sequence?

9 3 1 6 8 7 5 2 4 10 This is a generic sequence that will always work (excluding torque-yield bolts and exotic compression-type gasket materials, though it should work fine if you have a torque/rotation spec). Always start at the middle and work outward concentrically as shown. Start at 1/4th the torque specification and repeat the sequence incrementing 1/4th of the spec each time. After the full torque iteration, repeat at full torque until all the bolts quit turning. Voila.

Torque 1.6 Honda Civic?

what year and model Honda civic? what series motor? D, B,

What is the firing sequence on a 93 Honda civic?


What are the Torque specs for 94 Honda civic head bolts?

134 ft-1bs is the torque for 94 civics

What is cylinder head torque for 89 Honda civic 1.5?

The 1989 Civic has a maximum torque rating of 97 pounds per foot at 3,000 RPM. 1989 was the first year Honda premier the more powerful 1.5 liter engine in the Civic.

How much to replace a torque converter on a 1994 civic?

100 dolla!

1997 Honda civic ex cylinder head torque specs?

What is the head torque specs on a 1997 Honda CRV

Head torque pressure Honda civic 1500 lsi 1996?

There are two graduations which must be used when torquing head bolts for the 1996 Honda Civic LSI 1500. The first is 22 foot pounds of torque and the second is 62 foot pounds of torque.

What are the head torque specs for a Honda 96 civic d16y8?

The head bolts should be torqued to around 52-55 lbs, then again I think it was originally supposed to be 47lbs. Not entirely sure, you should reference your manual and be sure that you're tightening in the correct order!

Cylinder head torque 2000 Honda civic 1.6l?

The cylinder head torque on a 2000 Honda Civic is set at two different rates. For placing the head correctly the bolts need to be tighten to 22 ft torque. Once correctly set the bolts will need 49 ft torque to be properly tighten.

What is the head bolt tightening sequence and torque for a 1991 Honda Civic 15 ltr 4-cylinder?

If you label the bolt position in the following order: 1 (left/front) - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 (right/front) 6 (left/rear) - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 (right/rear) The torque sequnce is: 8 - 3 - 7 - 4 - 9 - 2 - 10 - 1 - 6 - 5 Use 22 foot-pound on the 1st pass, 49 foot-pound on the 2nd pass.

What are the specs such as HP and torque for the engine D15Z4 for a 1996 Honda Civic LXi?

Power rating is 78 kW. Torque is 136 Nm.

What are the torque specs for a Honda Civic 1.6 main bearings?

The main bearing torque specifications, for your Honda Civic 1.6 liter engine, is 160 pounds. The main bearing bolts should be torqued in 40 pound intervals.