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70 lb/ft torque. Just start in the middle and work your way to both ends all at the same time. Start with 10 lb/ft and slowly work up to 70 lb/ft. It will take several sequences to do it properly.

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Q: What is the head tightening sequence and tension for a pre crossflow ford 250 long motor?
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What is the proper sequence for tightening a 1987 Nissan truck's headbolts?

that depends on the motor that it has.

What is high tension motor?

High Tension motor is High Voltage Motor.

What is the valve cover tightening sequence for a 1993 SL2?

A Valve cover dons't have a tightening sequence, you probably mean the head. On my 93 Saturn sl1 the valve cover only had 2 screws with a gasket. To look up what the tightening sequence for the head would be you would have to look in a repair manuel. I could give you what mine is but if its wrong you could risk bending your head sense their not the same cars. Repair manuels you can usually pick up at autozone or checkers auto for a 10-20 bucks. Plus they would be very handy on putting the rest of the car back together if you have your head off.AnswerYes a valve cover does have a tightinig sequence as well as a tourque spec, especially on a 16v motor with a aluminum cover. why do people answer questions when they don't know the answer is beyond me.

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Connecting spark plug wires correctily when the wires are not mark?

get another vehicle with the same motor and copy or work out your firing order line the motor on tdc on number one cylinder remove dizzy cap check rotor position and fit high tension leads in sequence

Why to knw phase sequence?

If you reinstall a three-phase motor with two of the supply conductors interchanged, then the resulting negative phase sequence will cause the motor to run in reverse.

How do you do for phase sequence protection at three phase motor operation?

motor is designed to operate in forward and reverse direction for the purpose of elevator. Phase sequence protection is not required.

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If the motor is shaking in your Kia Sephia, you probably have loose motor mounts. Simply tightening these up will stop the engine from shaking and vibrating.

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Motor units can be recruited when the activation of the motor neuron activates all muscles fibers in the motor unit. The increase in tension occurs in steps proportional to the size of the motor unit.

What are the cylinder head torque settings for a peugeot 205 gti?

It is strongly recommended that new head bolts are used with threads LIGHTLY oiled.use an angle gauge to measure tightening angels.If your motor is fitted with hexagonal headed bolts-1) tighten in correct sequence to 58Nm2) slacken 1st bolt in sequence then immediately tighten to 20Nm then immediately through 120 degrees, proceed in this way until all bolts tightened3)refit all of the rest of the engine components ensure that all fluid levels are correct and its safe to start motor.start motor allow it to idle until cooling fan starts.switch off motor allow it to cool for a minimum of two hours.4)repeat process described in number 2) above.That's it done.If fitted with Torx type bolts,from early 19871)tighten in sequence to 60Nm2)slacken all bolts then tighten each in sequence to 20Nm3)further tighten in sequence each bolt through 300 degreesjob done no need for re-tightening after warm up.

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We can convert a 3 phase ac motor into generator by changing phase sequence of the ac input cable of that motor

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