What is the history of PS 106 in Brooklyn?

I lived at 248 Cornelia St. right across from the school and I know that when my father went to it as a kid it was supossed to be torndown and my father would have been 82 this past month. I remember that when the weather was cold we had recess in the dungeon like basement and when it was warm we went out to the school yard. I think that the building was made of red sandstone. Every Tuesday and Thursday were assembly days and we had to wear a white top, red scarf or tie and navy pants or skirts. If you or Melissa want to know more let me know.


I attended P.S. 106 from the 4th grade through the sixth grade. However, in the 1947-48 school year my class did the 5th and 6th grade in one year which resulted in my starting the 7th grade at age 11.

I remember the courtyard but most of all, I remember the attic. Our teacher, Miss Helen Rutledge would take us up there on rainy or snowy days and we would have "music appreciation".

The walls were lined with pictures of musical instruments and in one corner of the room was a large victrola (that's right - victrola). Miss Rutledge would play various pieces of classical music and ask us to listen and identify what instruments were being played. Some of the songs I remember are Barcarole, Humoresque (by Dvorak), Swan Lake, Night on Bald Mountain, Moonlight Sonata - and more. I owe my appreciation of classical music to that lady and to that experience since I had never heard classical music at home.

I also remember many of my classmates names - Rosemary Schultz (my first girlfriend), Benedict Martino, Duane Bosling, Etta Koeing, Frances McGowan. Hey, as I look back on it, it was one of the best and most fruitful learning periods of my life.