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What is the history of government in Kenya?

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Britain ran Kenya as a colony, with no African input from the late

19th Century.

Kenya was and is split between areas of good farming land and

areas of poor farming land. The British moved the natives from the

good farming areas and put British farming settlers there. The

Africans were of course unhappy about this and a pro-independence

party was set up the KAU Kenyan African Union, leader Jomo


At the same time a tribe called the KIKU (spelling is wrong)

launched a rebellion. They had been moved of their traditional

lands by British farmers.Their rebel movement was called MAU MAU

and it involved violence against those Kenyans who worked for the

British,it also involved secret oaths and occult ceremonies.

It has never been clear how close the connection wah between the

KAU and Mau Mau but they had similar aims of getting the British

out. The rebellion was crushed with great force. People were hung

and tortured and it is not a thing that the British are proud


On the other hand the MAU MAU people did terrible things to

their own people.After MAU MAU was defeated the British gave Kenya

its independence but the people of Kenya must have been

disappointed because the people who took over were mostly the

people who had collaborated with the British and the average Kenyan

was not much better off,Kenya was a dictatorship in reality if not

in name and the corruption in public life was a legend.

Kenyatta and then Arap-Moi ran the state for the benefit of

their party and themselves and the white settlers were not much


There was also a racist policy against Asian merchants who had

played an important part in the economy for a longtime.

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