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What is the impact of Christianity on philosophy?

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One criticism is that because Christianity is based on faith, it has discouraged critical thinking.

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What is the biggest impact that Christianity has had on philosophy?

Christianity is '''THE TRUTH.''' Philosophy is a group of worldly so called intellects discussing their truth in a Starbucks.

Describe Christianity's impact on philosophy The rise of Christianity in philosophy key contributors?

Christianity meshed with the Pagan culture which established the Catholic church and all of our major holidays today.

Christianitys impact on philosophy. Include the following topics in your response o the rise of Christianity in philosophy o key contributors to Christianitys impact on philosophy o principle Christia?

You should be doing your own work rather than pasting the assignment question here and hoping someone answers it for you. Plagiarism has serious consequences.

How does philosophy agree with Christianity?

It doesn't.

What was the lasting impact of Greek philosophy?

what type of influence/impact has Greek Philosophy had on the world or other religions

Medieval philosophy was most strongly influenced by which combination?

Christianity and Greek Philosophy

How did Christianity rise into Philosophy?

Philosophy and Theology are distinctly different disciplines and are neither dependent nor exclusive of each other. Christianity did not rise into philosophy, or the other way around. That is, a Christian may philosophize while a philosopher ponders Christianity.

What is the philosophy behind baptism in Christianity?

In mainstream Christianity, it symbolizes the rebirth in Jesus Christ.

What has the author John H Berthrong written?

John H. Berthrong has written: 'Expanding process' -- subject(s): Chinese Philosophy, Philosophy, Philosophy and religion 'All under heaven' -- subject(s): Christianity, Christianity and other religions, Confucian Philosophy, Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism, Philosophy, Relations

What has the author Raimundo Panikkar written?

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What was Christianity's impact on philosophy?

They are kind of inter-related. Ancient Greek philosophy gave the early Christians the vocabulary to describe the experience of Christianity; and Christianity gave Philosophy some ideas it hadn't thought of before. For example, the Christological controversies in the first few centuries (i.e. the arguing about how could Jesus be both God and Man) allowed philosophers to better conceptualize what "having personhood" and "having human nature" meant.

What is the philosophy behind Christianity?

The philosophy of Christianity is that Christ is the Son of God and came to be a sacrifice for our sins. It is a gift and all you have to do is accept it. Then Christ will send the Holy Spirit into your heart and life to guide you.

How did the Jews impact Christianity?

they didn't.

How did Christianity impact Constantine's life?

Hey Made Rome's Official religion Christianity.

What religion has had the greatest impact on the world?


What has the author Charles Strong written?

Charles Strong has written: 'The church of Jesus' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Philosophy and religion, Christianity

What impact did Saint David have on Christianity?

St David is credited with the spread of Christianity in the Wales where he is revered.

What is the philosophy of having minimal impact on the environment called?

The philosophy of having minimal impact on the environment is"leave no trace"Sustainability.

What has the author Charles Werner written?

Charles Werner has written: 'La philosophie moderne' -- subject(s): Christianity, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy

How did Jesus impact the world?

He gave "birth" to Christianity!

What was the impact of Islam and Christianity on southeast Asia peoples?


How has Christianity had an impact on U.S. history?

Christianity has had an impact on U.S. history because several of the Founding Fathers were Christians, which had an effect on how they viewed government. Christianity has helped provide the moral backbone which made this country great.

Why study philosophy?

Philosophy could have profound, and valuable impact on your life; improving your outlook, furthering your knowledge, and bettering your personalilty.

How did Roman philosophy affect today's culture?

Roman philosophy had not affected today's culture much. It is Greek philosophy which had had an impact . It also had an impact of the Romans. They followed the stoic school and the epicurean school. Both were Greek. Stoicism had some influence in the 19th century.

What has the author Surjit Singh written?

Surjit Singh. has written: 'Panjabi' 'A philosophy of integral relation - Samyagdarsana -' -- subject- s -: Hinduism, Christianity, Philosophy, Christianity and other religions, Relations 'Mukat jugat navai ki dasi'