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In Europe and Asia the final stage of the stone age is known as the Neolithic. In Africa it is known as the Late Stone Age. America has a different chronological system.

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Q: What is the last part of the Stone Age?
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The last part of the Stone Age?

the last part of the Stone age occur

What was the last part of the stone age called?


What is the difference between the Neolithic and the stone age?

The Neolithic period is the last part of the Stone Age, see related link.

What materials were used for tools in weapons in the last part of the stone age?

sticks i believe

What is the Part of speech for stone age?

Stone Age is a noun.

How old is the old stone age and new stone age last?


What part of the Stone Age took place during the last Ice Age?

Hmmm it's a tough one! Have you been on

When as the Neolithic age?

There are various opinions - generally it was the last part of the Stone Age from about 10,000 BCE to about 4500 to 2000 BCE, depending on what part of the world you are talking about, when the Bronze Age began.

How long did it last the old stone age?

Not many people live long in the stone age. There were not doctors back in the stone age.

What was the fist part of the stone age called?

paleolithic age

How long did the stone age last?

The Stone Age started 3.5 million years ago. It ended when the Bronze age started.

What is palaeolithic?

second part of stone age biegining about 75000 to 500000 years bc and lasting until end of the last ice age about 8500years bc

The Neolithic and Paleolithic are both part of the?

Stone Age (Greek lithos = stone)

What is paleothic?

paleolithic age is the second part of the Stone Age beginning about 750,00 to 500,000 years BC and lasting until the end of the last ice age about 8,500 years BC.

Is the Stone Age also called Paleolithic era?

No. The Paleolithic Period is part of the Stone Age. The Stone Age also includes the Mesolithic Period and the Neolithic Period.

Did the domestication of plants only last during the stone age?

The domestication of plants did not come until after the stone age. This was the Neolithic revolution. People in the stone age were hunter gatherers.

First part of the stone age?

Paleolithic Era

What was the first part of the stone age called?


Was the Ice age after The Stone Age - Bronze Age and Iron Age?

The last Ice Age came before the Stone Age.The Bronze Age and the Iron Age both came after the Ice Age.

How long did the new stone age last?

12,000 years

How long did the old stone age last?

about 700 years

What evidence tells you Otzi iceman was not part of the Stone Age?

Stone age people did not know how to make items from copper.

What do historians call the early part of history?

Stone Age

What was the middle part of the stone age called?

maleolithic era

What developments occurred during the stone age?

the developments that occured during the stone age is: tools hunting and gathering and last but not least farming