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The Legal age is 16 if you want to move out your parents house ...

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No they can not and a minor can not decide who to live with.

the legal age a child has to be to decide what parent they would choose to live with is 13

Then the child wants to live with a grandparent, but needs the legal guardian's or parent's consent.

what is the legal age for a child in the state of Texas decide which parent they want to live with

As long as you are a minor you are not allowed to decide who you will live with.

As long as you are a minor you can not decide legally where to live.

In most articals, books and stories. 18 is the legal age to decide which parent to live with.

The minimum age that the child can decide who he wants to live with is 18 years.

The child has to be of legal age, usuallly 18, before deciding which parent s/he wants to live with. Until then, the judge will decide if the parents don't agree on custody.

Yes, she is of legal age to make a decision of where she wants to live.

What is the legal age in Kentucky for a child to decide which parent to live with? My son is 15 and would like to live with me(his mom). Aslo what steps need to be taken to make this happen?

No but if it goes to court the judge will probably hear what he wants but the court is not obligated to follow his wish. Until he is 18 it's his parents who decide which of them he will live with. If he wants to live somewhere else he will need their consent.

Here the child at 16 years can not decide where she or he wants to live. As they are minors the court will decide it for them.

When he is 18. Until then the parents or court decides.

Connecticut does not have a set age limit as to when a child can pick a parent to live with. A judge will listen to their preference but it ultimately is up to the judge to decide.

The courts will take into consideration the child's wants as to whom they want to live with but in the state of TX the child is not old enough to "decide" until age 13.

In most States the Judge will take into consideration were the child wants to live after the age 14.

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