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What is the legal dropout age in Tucson?


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Im perty sure that its 16. (:FireBrand:)


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The dropout Age for New York, as of 2009, is seventeen with a parent or guardian's consent.

I think you can dropout after you've passed 10th grade but im not sure.

16 with permission from parents, legal guardian or the court.

In Alaska, a minor who is at least 17 years old may dropout of high school. There are works in order right now to up that age to 18 years old.

The legal dropout age is 16 in most places. Until then, it is mandatory.

18 As far as I know, it doesn't matter if parents consent or not.

When a student in full time education that is over the legal age just drop out of school they are often called dropouts. The definition of the word dropout can be found in many online dictionaries.

You can dropout at the age of 16 with parent consent. To sign yourself out you have to be 17 or older.

Montana law that a child must remain in school until they attain age 16. At age 16 they can dropout of school. A few years ago there was an effort to change the law and require children to stay in school until age 18 or graduation. That effort failed to pass in the Montana Senate.

In Nebraska, a child must attend school until they are 18 years of age. However, a parent can give permission for a child to dropout at the age of 16.

It's currently still 16. Starting in the 2009-2010 school year it will be 18 years old.

you should never drop out of highschool, but if you fail and have no choice but to take the GED then that's different.

the truth is, is that anyone can dropout in texas, as long as your over 15 sec3.42 but you must have a good reason for doing so. Processing takes time too! you can't just walk out. But at 18, you could just walk right out legally!!

You can drop out at 17 with parental consent. Maybe even 16 but I'm not quite sure about that one. I do know you can be 17 though.

In michigan, a teen as young as 16 can drop out WITHOUT legal consent. Don't ask why, it's the law ;) actually, it was raised to 18 in january. u can drop out anytime with parental consent tho

No, for example in NY, the dropout age is 16.

In January 2005, a new state law took effect that changed Illinois' high school dropout age from 16 to 17 with parental consent in an effort to keep more students in the schools.

18 is the legal age. 21 is the legal age to drink!!!

In the US anywhere from 14 to 19. Basically if you are in high school and you stop going, you become a dropout. That can happen at any point in the above range.

yes they are-I have one. I live in Tucson

It depends on which state. The national dropout rate is 16, however many states have a dropout age of 18. Talk to a school counselor.

Legal age to do what? The age of majority is 18.

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