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What is the load capacity of a Honda VTX 1800?

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Will a Honda vtx 1800 fit a 06 Honda Sabre 1100 frame?

Will a Honda vtx 1800 rim fit a 06 Honda sabre 1100

Where can one purchase a Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle?

There are a variety of places where one can purchase a Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle. One can purchase a Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle at Amazon Marketplace and eBay, and many other places as well.

What is the top speed of the Honda VTX 1800?

My personal 1800 Honda vtx, has been up to 147mph. but there was room to keep going on the throtte not enough room on the freeway.

What is the horsepower on the Honda vtx-1800?

when i got my paper work from the the dealer i bought my brand new 2006 vtx 1800 it said 106.5 HP

How reliable is the Honda VTX 1800?

The Honda VTX 1800 is a very reliable motorcycle. However, like any other motorcycle, if the bike has had less than proper maintenance than it is not as reliable as before.

How do you switch to reserve tank switch on a Honda vtx 1800 r?

The 1800 is fuel injected it does NOT have a reserve!

Is the Honda Vtx 1800 gas cap vented?

No. The vent hose is under the tank

What kind oil for 2004 Honda vtx 1800?

The best kind of oil for a 2004 Honda VTX 1800 is 10W-30 oil. You can pick this type of oil up at most grocery stores, department stores, or local gas stations.

What is the maximum speed of a Honda VTX 1800?

The maximum speed of a Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle have been cited in the range of 136-147 miles per hour by owners. The actual top speed will depend on conditions such as wind, the road, and your weight.

What vehicle does fram oil filter ph6017A fit?

I had a Honda 1800 VTX and used these filters for it.

What is the fuel mileage on a Honda VTX 1800?

A Honda VTX 1800 six cylinder gets about 25 miles per gallon in the city. On the highway the mileage varies from 32 to 40 miles per gallon generally dependent on the quality of fuel and driving habits.

What is the shift pattern for 2002 Honda vtx 1800?

1 down, four up from a neutral position.

Will Honda vtx 1800 gas tank fit on a Honda 1100 ace?

It will not fit directly. You would have to modify it or the bake to make it work.

What is the oil capacity on a 2006 Honda VTX?

According to postings oil capacity is 4.5 L or just over $.5 qts.

Will Honda vtx 1800 rims fit on a vtx 1300?

Yes with so mods the rear wheel will work but the front wont, go to vtxoa.com and do a search for foots mod

What is the horsepower rating of a Honda vtx 1800?

The 2002 had 106 horsepower and 120 pound feet of torque at the crank.

What would cause a 2005 Honda VTX-1800 to stall while ridding?

Vtx 1800 are notorious for bad grounds created by unlike metals corroding against each other and powder coat on the frame interfering with the ground connection. read this, the fix takes about 1 hour http://tech.bareasschoppers.com/electrical/ground-fix-for-vtx-1800/

Where is carburetor drain on Honda vtx 1300?

isnt that bike fuel injected The 1800 VTX is fuel injected, the manual for the 1300 VTX say drain carburator for winter. What I don't see is a drain screw of any type. DNUNN

What is the oil capacity for 2004 honda vtx1300 motorcycle?

The factory specs for a 2004 Honda vtx 1300 list the oil capacity at 3.9 quarts. Check the oil level to keep from overfilling.

What is gas mileage of Honda vtx 1800?

I have a 2005 VTX 1800 and I drove it like a bat out of hell. Most of the driving was accelerating quickly and doing highway speeds of 75-110MPH. After going to the gas station this morning, I averaged a little over 37MPG.

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