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What is the location of and how do you replace the O-ring on the injectors in a 1991 Jeep?


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2007-03-28 20:17:10
2007-03-28 20:17:10

the First and most important step is there is a shcrader valve on the fuel rail (looks like a valve stem for a tire, put a rag around this and push on the core like you are letting the air out of a tire. This relieves the fuel pressure from the system so it doesnt spray all over you. After removing the fuel rail from the top of the injectors and the electrical plugs from the sides you can carefully extract each injector from it's hole.. the key is lubricate the O-rings before reinstalling them and second I heartily recommend replacing all the O-rings at once..they are cheap enough and if one is leaking the others will be sooner or later (sooner if you bump them while changing the one next to it. Under the injectors where they screw into the heads...


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cause you have rubber orings that go on both ends of the injectors you probably need to replace them

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When all fuel injectors are stuck open, this generally means that the injectors are not getting the right voltage. You will need to not only check the voltage, but make sure the injectors are receiving the right signal.

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If the injectors on a 1991 Honda Accord are working well than proceed to check the main relay and fuel filter. Replace the components if they are worn and check the engine with a diagnostic test.

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