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Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution

Get moles NaCl.

58.44 grams NaCl (1 mole NaCl/58.44 grams)

= 1 mole NaCl


Molarity = 1 mole NaCl/1 liter

= 1 M NaCl


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The molar solution of NaCl has 58.44 g in 1 L water.

The mass of a mole of NaCl is 57,958 622 382.

1 mole NaCl = 58.44g 0.1601mol NaCl x 58.44g NaCl/mol NaCl = 9.35g NaCl

If by "salt" one is referring to sodium chloride (NaCl), then the following applies:molar mass NaCl = 58.4 g/mole ... 50 g x 1 mol/58.4 g = 0.856 moles NaCl0.856 moles/0.2 L = 4.28 M ... this would be the concentration

You need to know the molar mass of NaCl. Then 10g/molar mass = moles.

Get moles NaCl and change 245 ml to 0.245 Liters. 3.8 grams NaCl (1 mole NaCl/58.54 grams) = 0.0650 moles NaCl Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution Molarity = 0.0650 moles NaCl/0.245 Liters = 0.27 M NaCl ----------------------

145 grams NaCl (1 mole NaCl/58.44 grams)(1 mole Na +/1 mole NaCl)(6.022 X 1023/1 mole Na +) = 1.49 X 1024 ions of sodium =====================

mass of one mole of ;Nacl' is =23+35=58. aslike this mass of 3 mole of Nacl is=174

The number of ions in a 6,58 mole sample of NaCl is 79,25137367812.10e23.

Mole percent is the mole fraction (X) for a component of a mixture times 100.If you have a solution of 5.0g NaCl and 25.0g H2O, you can find the mole fraction and mole percent for each. The sum of all percents of all of the components of a mixture equals 100.Determine the moles (n) of NaCl and H2O.5.0g NaCl x 1mol NaCl/58.44g NaCl = 0.086mol NaCl25.0g H2O x 1mol H2O/18.016g H2O = 1.39mol H2ODetermine mole fractions (X) of NaCl and H2O.The sum of all mole fractions in a solution = 1.XNaCl = nNaCl/(nNaCl + nH2O) = 0.086mol NaCl/(0.086mol NaCl + 1.39mol H2O) = 0.58mol NaClXH2O = 1 - 0.58mol = 0.42mol H2ODetermine the mole percent of NaCl and H2O.Mole percent of NaCl = XNaCl x 100 = 0.58 x 100 = 58%Mole percent of H2O = XH2O x 100 = 0.42 x 100 = 42%

Mole = Mass/RMM Ar for Na=23 & Ar for Cl = 35.5 Therefore 1mole = Mass / (35.5+23) 1 mole of NaCl is 58.5g Mole = Mass/RMM Ar for Na=23 & Ar for Cl = 35.5 Therefore 1mole = Mass / (35.5+23) 1 mole of NaCl is 58.5g But that can be misleading. NaCl does not form into molecules (and salts in general do not). If you dissolve 58.5g of NaCl into water, it will dissociate into ions, and there will be 2 moles of particles in solution: 1 mole of Na+ ions, and 1 mole of Cl- ions. Knowing that will be important for calculating various things, such as how many degrees the freezing point will be depressed, when you dissolve so much salt in so much water.

1 mole NaCl = 58.44g NaCl0.48mol NaCl x 58.44g NaCl/1mol NaCl = 28g NaCl

1 mole of NaCl contain 6,022 141 29(27)×1023 molecules.

First You have to express the 200 g NaCl as moles of NaCl. The molar mass of NaCl is 58.5 g/mole. Consequently you need 200/58.5 g/(g/mole) = 3.42 moles of NaCl.Having a 2.10 M NaCl solution You need 3.42/2.10 mole/(mole/l) = 1.63 l of the given solution.

In the same volume of water, one mole of MgCl2 will give rise to a greater boiling point elevation. This is explained by the fact that boiling point elevation is a colligative property, that is, the relative amounts of the constituents are important and not their identity. We can determine by inspection that, upon dissociation, more ions will be produced by MgCl2 than NaCl since there are more atoms in the MgCl2 molecule. So, for one mole of MgCl2, we will produce one mole of magnesium and two of chlorine (three total). For one mole of NaCl, we produce one mole each of potassium and chlorine. By employing the principle stated above, we can come to the correct conclusion.

1 mole NaCl = 58.443g NaCl 234g NaCl x 1mol NaCl/58.443g NaCl = 4.00 moles NaCl

Molar concentration is the number of moles of a substance per litre. One litre of pure water is 1kg, or 1,000 grams. The molecular mass of water is approximately 18 grams per mole. Therefore, there are 1,000/18 = 55.56 mole of water in a litre of water, giving a concentration of 55.56 M.

1.5g NaCl x (1 mole / 58.5 g NaCl) x (1000 ml / 0.42 mole) = 61.05 ml

1 mole NaCl = 6.022 x 1023 formula units NaCl 2.9 x 1021 formula units NaCl x 1mol NaCl/6.022 x 1023 formula units NaCl = 0.0048 mole NaCl

Remember that 1 mole NaCl is 58,44 g. 1 mole------------------58,44 g x mole------------------y g (a known value) x (mole)=y (grams)/58,44

The molar mass of sodium chloride (NaCl) is 58,44 g.

1 mole NaCl = 58.442g NaCl (the atomic weight of Na and Cl in grams) 13g NaCl x (1mol NaCl/58.442g NaCl) = 0.22mol NaCl

One mole of NaCl = 6,02214129(27) × 1023 mol−1 (molecules ) - this is number (constant) of Avogadro.

25 grams NaCl * 1 mole NaCl per = .43 moles NaCl 58.44 grams NaCl (molecular mass)

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