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What is the official language of history?


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Learned journals written for scholars by scholars use English text with references to German and french words and phrases along with original greek and latin words and phrases.

It has none. History is a scholarly account of the past, delivered in whatever language or by whatever means. As in other kinds of scholarship, authority is generally thought to proceed from peer review and is not centralized.

But, for what it's worth, the International Committee of Historical Sciences, which describes itself as "the only non-specialised global organisation of historians", maintains its Web page in French and English, primarily the former.

The notion, apparent in some questions, that every country and everything has an official language is often misleading. There is no one language for history: history is written in different languages and the way an American scholar would write about an event would vary greatly to a historian from Another Country with a different perspective. So history not only does not have one language, it does also not have one truth unless you are simply talking about very basic facts. Everyone sees what happens according to their own unique set of circumstances, perspective and bias, the writing of history is no different Histoy is a tricky study, it dependes who you read, and what do you want to hear, for instance the history turns out difrent if you read the nation, or the party that won a battle or a war, but History is not written in one language yes English is the most extended language in the Western Hemisphere, but it does not matter much to the people in the Middle East, or Arab contries, or china, they have a was of telling their history difrently, we know now for instance that the free masons of the usa, tried over and over again to destroy Mexico.

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